1&1 redesigns network rollout plan; Accelerates network expansion in Germany

1&1, one of Germany’s leading telecommunications companies offering mobile and broadband services, plans to 5G base stations on its new mobile network. The telco is building Europe’s first mobile network based on Open RAN technology. 1&1 already launched Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) on 5G in January 2023.

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1&1 Accelerates antenna site expansion

The company previously had problems with Vantage Towers and has now redesigned the Network Rollout plan with its radio tower infrastructure expansion partners. As a result, the company will deploy 1,207 antenna sites by the end of 2023. Starting in 2024, an additional 3,000 locations per year will be deployed in partnership with infrastructure companies Vantage Towers, American Tower and GfTD.

Eubanet is the fourth partner to support the acquisition of new antenna sites, according to the company statement. 1&1 AG is confident that the promises made by its suppliers will be fulfilled and that it will be able to catch up on the current backlog in the network roll-out. The company is closely monitoring its targets to connect a quarter of German households to its network by the end of 2025 and half by the end of 2030.

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Current high-quality 5G antennas

Currently, 1&1 has 94 antenna sites equipped with high-performance 5G antennas and connected to the fiber optic network of their sister company 1&1 Versatel. Of these sites, 14 are already operational.

Core data centers

In addition, their private cloud, which uses virtualized Open RAN, covers two of the four core data centers, 17 of the 24 decentralized data centers, and 61 of the more than 500 regional data centers.

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Launched 5G FWA in December

After the launch of 5G Fixed Wireless Access in December 2022, 1&1 will introduce mobile services for smartphone use in the third quarter of 2023. During this phase, 1&1 customers will be able to enjoy nationwide reception via the national roaming infrastructure developed in parallel by Telefónica. This allows 1&1 to expand its coverage and provide seamless connectivity to its customers across the country.