Anti-trans activist Posie Parker says she will return to New Zealand

British anti-trans activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshullwho fled the country after getting tomato juice on her at a rally in Auckland has said she will return to New Zealand.

A week away from her ill-fated Albert Park rallyKeen-Minshull posted a video to her Twitter account in which she spoke about her recent visit and said she will “come back” to New Zealand.

Keen-Minshull, also known as Posie Parker, was scheduled to speak last Saturday as part of her Let Women Speak tour, but was drowned out by thousands of counter-protesters.

During the rally, a woman dipped Keen-Minshull in tomato juice before leaving the rally.

* Police have filed charges against a woman who threw juice on Posie Parker
* Police investigating juice thrower Posie Parker, no arrest warrant yet
* The refugee and trans activist who threw tomato juice on Posie Parker

Soon after, she flew from New Zealand and gave up her speaking engagement in Wellington that was scheduled for the following day.

Keen-Minshull is a women’s rights campaigner to some and an anti-trans activist to others.

In her Twitter video, Keen-Minshull shared her version of events.

Posie Parker and her supporters met with trans rights protesters in Albert Park.


Posie Parker and her supporters met with trans rights protesters in Albert Park.

“We’re going to win this war, women,” she said.

“And then I will come back, and I will come back at the invitation of the Prime Minister who wants to apologize to everyone.”

Thursday afternoon was the woman who tipped the juice on Keen-Minshull charged with common assault.

A police spokesman said a person has been summoned to appear in Auckland District Court.

“As the matter is before the courts, no further comment will be made at this time,” the spokesman said.

The woman accused of assault flew to Australia earlier this week after receiving threats to her safety.

Police confirmed on Wednesday that they were combing social media footage and searching CCTV footage of nearby shops and businesses.