Apple Original ‘Napoleon’ will hit theaters in November

Image credit: apple

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Ridley Scott’s historical action epic “Napoleon” starring Joaquin Phoenix will be released in theaters worldwide on November 22 and streamed worldwide on Apple TV+ subsequently.

The film tells the story of Napoleon and his rise to emperor, told through the lens of his volatile relationship with Josephine. In addition, it will showcase Napoleon as a military leader and war visionary by depicting his famous battles.

Oscar-winning “Joker” star Joaquin Phoenix stars as French emperor and military leader Napoleon Bonaparte. Vanessa Kirby, known for her role in Netflix’s “The Crown,” stars as Josephine.

The film will be released in theaters worldwide in association with Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Apple had signed the order for the project early 2021, when it was still known as “Kitbag”.

“Napoleon” joins Apple’s growing roster of films, including the Tom Hanks World War II drama, “Greyhound“crime thriller”sharper,” and Oscar winner “CODA