Apple TV+ ‘Jane’ trailer hints at action-packed conservation starting April 14

Jane [Apple TV+]

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Apple has released a trailer for “Jane”, a Apple TV+ series inspired by the work of conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE.

Premieres Friday on Apple TV+ April 14, Apple has started promoting the show’s release with an official trailer. The 90-second video, posted to YouTube on Monday, references the environmental messages the show offers, as well as the action that ensues throughout the series.

“Jane Garcia”, played by Ava Louise Murchison, is a nine-year-old budding environmentalist who wants to save endangered animals. Accompanied by best friend “David”, played by Mason Bloomberg, and Greybeard the chimpanzee, Jane uses her imagination to embark on epic adventures, all to continue Goodall’s work.

Other cast members include Tamara Almeida, Dan Abramovici, Jazz Allen and Sam Marra, with a variety of guests appearing throughout the season.

“I believe stories have the power to inspire people to action. I am hopeful that this series will encourage young people, their families and friends to help save animals around the world,” said Dr. Goodall.

The show combines live action and CGI and is from Sinking Ship Entertainment, the same production company behind ‘Ghostwriter’. Emmy winner JJ Johnson, Christin Simms, Blair Powers, Matt Bishop and Andria Teather of the Jane Goodall Institute serve as producers.

Along with the trailer, Apple Original Series Soundtracks will release the “Jane” theme song “One Step Closer” on April 7. The song is sung by Leona Lewis, with Diane Warren behind the words and music.