At least 41 people killed and 45 injured in church fire in Egypt where 5,000 worshipers prayed

At least 41 people have been killed and 45 injured in fire at church in Egypt that was full of 5,000 worshipers

  • Thousands gathered this morning at Abu Sifin Church in Giza, Egypt
  • Death toll rises as 30 ambulances rush to Coptic Christian house of worship
  • pressure. El-Sisi: ‘I have ordered agencies to take the necessary measures immediately’
  • There is a nursery in the church, raising fears that many victims are children

At least 41 people were killed and 45 injured in a fire at a church in the Egyptian city of Giza on Sunday.

The electrical fire broke out as 5,000 worshipers gathered for mass at Abu Sifin Church in the Imbaba district, sparking a stampede, security sources told Reuters.

The initial death toll was estimated at 35, with AP reporting the higher number of 41 just before noon.

Egyptian President El-Sisi wrote: facebook this morning: “I have instructed all relevant government agencies and agencies to immediately take all necessary measures to address this incident and its consequences and to provide all aspects of health care to the injured.

The city of Giza in the shadow of the pyramids was pictured last week

“My sincere condolences to the families of the innocent victims who have moved to their Lord’s neighbor in a house of his homes where he is worshipped.”

There is a nursery in the church, raising fears that many of the dead are children.

An exploded generator is believed to have started the fire, which subsequently sparked a stampede.

Police said an initial investigation blamed an electrical short.

According to the statement, the fire broke out while the municipality was busy on Sunday morning.

Coptic Christians make up about ten percent of Egypt’s predominantly Muslim population.


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