But will it have a global launch?

Vivo X Fold 2 vs iPhone FlyPig Weibo


  • An unboxing video has shown off the Vivo X Fold 2 foldable phone.
  • The video suggests a thinner foldable phone with a similar camera system to the X90 Pro.
  • The company also confirmed to us that there are currently no plans for a global launch.

Vivo launched its X-fold And X Fold Plus foldable phones last year, bringing a book-style folding experience to the Chinese market. The company has confirmed that the vivo X-fold 2 is on its way soon and an unboxing video has given us a lot more details.

Chinese content creator FlyPig posted a unboxing video on Weibo (you/t: Gizmochina), and it showcases the vivo X Fold 2 in all its glory. First, this model has a red livery, with a mostly leather back except for a vertical glass strip next to the hinge. Check out the first screengrab below.

The device also looks relatively thin compared to most other large foldable phones, while the content creator noted that the weight felt more in line with a conventional flagship phone.

Otherwise, a closer look at the camera bump reveals three cameras, namely an ultra-wide shooter (16mm), a main camera and a 2x telephoto shooter (47mm). However, those expecting a long-range periscope camera like the previous X Fold devices will be disappointed. Will we see a 1-inch main camera here, as we saw on the Vivo x90 pro? Well, we’d be surprised given the form factor.

Other notable features include two 120Hz screens, an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor on each screen (not that giant 3D Sonic Max scanner though), vivo’s take on Flex mode and a taskbar.

We’ll have to wait until next month’s launch event for specifics like the specifics Snapdragon chipset, battery/charging information, more camera details and pricing. However, vivo representatives confirmed this android authority that this was a Chinese launch and that “as of this writing” there were no plans for a global launch.