Captain America and Black Panther game is a single player adventure

It sounds like you only switch characters when the story says so (Photo: Marvel)

It doesn’t have a name yet, but Amy Hennig has explained a few details about her studio’s upcoming miracle team up game.

Although Skydance New Media revealed its mysterious Marvel project earlier this month, a Captain America/Black Panther team up Set during World War II, there’s still a lot it’s keeping a secret.

The reveal trailer didn’t even give us a title, let alone gameplay details. However, in a recent interview, Skydance New Media president Amy Hennig wanted to reveal a little more.

One key detail she shared was that, despite the four-person cast, it will be single-player only, without any multiplayer or co-op functionality.

Instead, you take control of each of the four main characters – Cap, Black Panther, Gabriel Jones, and Nanali – at different points in the story, something Hennig likens to how stories are told in movies and TV shows.

This isn’t too surprising considering Hennig’s best known for creating the Uncharted games, which were mainly single-player adventures, with Uncharted 2 and 3 featuring competitive multiplayer modes separate from the main story.

“We want to scare people away from the wrong ideas about the game – this is a single player game, so the four characters are all playable at different points in the story,” she said. CNET.

“It’s not like choosing which character to play, it’s not like playing co-op multiplayer. There’s a… I hate the term linear story, because I always try to make games that feel broadly linear and have a lot of player freedom, but the story has a beginning, middle, and end, with landmarks in between.”

The classic Captain America we all know will team up with T’Challa’s grandfather (Photo: Marvel via Marvel Database)

With what sounds like such a heavy emphasis on storytelling, Hennig especially wants the game to grab the attention of those who might see someone else play.

While it’s an action-adventure game, she wants it to be intuitive and inviting enough that even a non-gamer can jump in and start playing without having to struggle for ages to master the controls.

“We’re pushing for this idea, as we achieved with Uncharted, of this shared living room experience where the non-gamers in the family are just as invested,” she explained.

“We also want people to say, ‘I want to try it,’ and you pass the controller and play it together. We don’t want it to feel like an isolated experience where you sneak out to play this game – it should be something a family would do together, just like they could watch a show as a group.”

When pressed for the lack of a title, she admitted that she and her team were so excited to announce the game that they didn’t want to wait for a name to be finalized.

“We were like, ‘Do we slow down a little, pull back the curtain on our game, just because we have a whole process that’s going to take time? No, just put a great slogan on it and let people call it what they want now,” she said.

“We’re so eager to share that it felt artificial to wait until we’ve gone through that whole process with all those interested.”

Hennig does promise that when we next see the game it will be with a gameplay reveal, but there’s no telling when that will happen.

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