Constance Marten has to appear in court in connection with the death of a baby


ristocrat Constance Marten and her friend face one Old Bailey court hearing on Friday over allegations that they murdered a newborn Baby girl and left the body in an abandoned shed.

The 35-year-old faces a manslaughter charge along with her boyfriend, Mark Gordon48, along with charges of concealing the birth of a child and perverting the course of justice.

A court hearing earlier this month heard a dead baby girl call Victoria was found in a plastic bag under diapers in an overgrown allotment during a widespread police investigation into the couple’s disappearance.

The pair are expected back at the port of Old Bailey on Friday, where they may be asked to enter pleas for the charges.

At Crawley magistrates’ court, prosecutor Jeremy King said the couple were arrested in early March after a 53-day police investigation, and the body of baby Victoria was found two days later.

“In a locked shed, wrapped in a plastic bag, under diapers, the baby was found inside,” he said.

“Life was declared extinct – the charges flow from that discovery.”

According to the indictment, the couple are charged with manslaughter by “unlawfully killing baby Victoria”, the birth is said to have been concealed between January 27 and February 27, and they are charged with “committing an act or acts by death from baby to hide”. Victoria who tended to distort the course of public justice.”

Marten and Gordon, who have been dating since 2015, were reported missing following the discovery of a placenta in an abandoned motor vehicle on the M61 in January.

“A nationwide missing persons campaign was launched and ran until February 27,” the prosecutor said.

“It appears that both parties stayed in and around hotels in the country and used taxis to get around.

“There were several sightings of them.”

Coming from a wealthy aristocratic family with members serving the royal family, Marten grew up in Crichel House, the family seat in north Dorset. She is represented in the legal proceedings by attorney Lewis Power KC.

The Metropolitan Police became involved in the search for the couple, in an operation that eventually involved more than 200 officers.

The couple were finally found in Stanmer Villas, Brighton around 9:30pm on February 27, following a tip from a member of the public.

Marten’s father Napier commented on the news: “It is a huge relief to know that my beloved daughter Constance has been found.”

Mr Marten, a former page to Queen Elizabeth II, added: “When the time comes, I long to see Constance to reassure her that whatever the weather, I love her dearly and will treat her so well. will possibly support you during the difficult weeks and months.”

About 48 hours after the arrests, police announced the discovery of the baby’s remains in woodland in the Hollingbury area of ​​Brighton.

Both Marten and Gordon were taken into custody by the Magistrates Court without entering a plea.