Coronation Street Spoilers: Dee-Dee Bailey Arrives to Save James’ Career

AFTER suffering a heart attack, James Bailey saw his football career come to a close from a prosperous one.

Lucky for him, his sister Dee-Dee arrives in Coronation Street with the firm intention of turning things around.

Dee-Dee Bailey will make her Corrie debut next week


Dee-Dee Bailey will make her Corrie debut next weekCredit: ITV
Her real name is Diana


Her real name is DianaCredit: ITV
She could be a great help to her brother James


She could be a great help to her brother JamesCredit: ITV

The Weatherfield football star played by Nathan Graham recently found out he had cardiomyopathya disease of the heart that can be fatal and which landed him in the hospital and his football career on hold in recent scenes of the ITV soap.

However, the Bailey family is overjoyed when Dee-Dee Bailey comes to the cobblestones from America, although she was last thought to live in Belgium.

Actress Channique Sterling-Brown will take on the new role of James’ lawyer sister – which could be very beneficial for him.

When he shows her the letter from Weatherfield County offering him a paltry final reward, Dee-Dee takes it upon himself to sort everything out for him.

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She calls the club and, after explaining that she’s a lawyer, demands a meeting – but could she push for a better deal?

But James won’t be the only resident who could help Dee-Dee next week.

In later scenes, her link to former homeless man Stu Carpenter forms as she agrees to take his case.

Charged with the murder of his former lover Charlie, Speed ​​Daal’s chef has desperately tried to prove that the investigation had failed and that he should take the blame even though it’s innocent.

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Dee-Dee is quick to point out gaps in the police investigation and suggests we talk to Bridget and review her mother’s statement.

Soon, both Bridget and her mother Lucy are interrogated, while Dee-Dee reveals that she has found an address for Lennox, the officer originally in charge of Stu’s case.

The latter takes the piece of paper handed to him by Dee-Dee, but will he really get the answers and recognition he craved?


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Dee-Dee, whose real name is Diana, will make her cobblestone debut unlike anything she’s seen before in the Manchester-based soap.

She wasn’t named until 2019 after she had to miss Ed Bailey’s 55th birthday.

But will she be able to solve all the problems she focuses on?

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More importantly, how will her brother’s upcoming exit play out?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV.

Dee-Dee has never been seen on screens before


Dee-Dee has never been seen on screens beforeCredit: ITV
Can she help her brother James for his impending departure?


Can she help her brother James for his impending departure?Credit: ITV
What else can be expected from the lawyer?


What else can be expected from the lawyer?Credit: ITV