Coronation Street spoilers: Sarah indulges in passion with Damon | Soaps

Adam who? (Photo: ITV)

Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) is happily married to Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) in Coronation Street. She’s got a nice family setup, they both have good jobs and essentially we’re saying Sarah is definitely a character in Weatherfield who gets it right.

So why the hell does she want to have an affair of damon hay (Ciaran Griffiths)?

You read that correctly. Damon Hay – the person who recently Nick’s (Ben price) live hell dealing drugs through the Bistro deliveries.

He met Sarah at a hotel bar a few weeks ago. They got talking and it was very clear that they had chemistry, but at this point Sarah had no idea who she was talking to.

After feeling guilty in the hotel room, Sarah sent Damon on his way, but he was interrupted by Adam in the lobby, who had decided he wouldn’t be his legal representative after all.

When Sarah arrived, the penny dropped and she unleashed her wrath on Damon, later told him to stay far away from her.

Ah, famous last words.

Next week, with her car blocked, Damon gives Sarah a lift to the hotel for her meeting.

To Sarah’s chagrin, Damon sits at a nearby table, but as Lulu, the buyer, makes disparaging remarks about the designs, saunters about pretending to be a music magnate impressed by Sarah’s work.

Damon hands Sarah his card with his room number on the back and after the meeting she arrives and tears off a strip of him for interfering.

Amused by Sarah’s confrontation, Damon hands her a glass of fizz and, having finished the champagne, Sarah throws caution to the wind. and decides to kiss Damon passionately.

Ah, poor Adam!

This has written disaster… so how long will it last?

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