Daily Authority: 📺 YouTube’s Top Ten of 2022

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YouTube announces the best videos of 2022

Top YouTube Videos 2022

The year is coming to a close, and with it comes a wave of year-end roundups. You’ve probably already seen you Spotify Packed 2022 earlier this week (or the YouTube music summaryif that’s your platform of choice), but now YouTube has revealed the top ten trending videos of 2022. There’s actually a nice mix of content, starting with a touching tribute.

  • The most viewed video of the year was “so long nerdson Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade’s channel.
  • It was posted shortly after he died of cancer, and features his father reading his latest message to his fans.
  • It has been viewed more than 87 million times since it was posted in July.
  • Second was the now infamous Oscars 2022 moment where Will Smith hit Chris Rock for insulting his wife.
  • It has been viewed 104 million times since it was posted in March.
  • Third on the list was “Hello, I’m Dream‘, where another Minecraft YouTuber revealed his face for the first time.
  • I was just posted in October but has already been viewed 47 million times.
  • Other notable videos in the top ten included the Super Bowl Halftime Show, one of MrBeast’s many stuntsand Jaiden Animations”Not being straight” interpreter.

YouTube has also released other lists for Shorts, Music, and Creators.

Friday fun

Japan Christmas Pepsi Fried Chicken Cola

Christmas is approaching and in Japan it is celebrated in a slightly different way. After a successful marketing campaign by KFC years ago, fried chicken has become the favorite Christmas meal. Now Pepsi has one special Christmas version of his coke which is said to pair perfectly with fried chicken.

The formula has been changed by adding dietary fiber to break up the fatness of the chicken and the sweetness has been reduced to improve the flavor of the chicken. There is also a hint of lemon to further break down the oil and add a touch of freshness.