Emily Atack had first sexual experience with an 18-year-old aged 12

Emily Atack has opened up about the experience (Picture: Samir Hussein/WireImage)

Emily Atak revealed that she had her first sexual experience with an 18-year-old boy when she was 12.

The 33-year-old comedian and TV presenter has spoken candidly about it the sexual harassment she faces of people every online in her new BBC Two documentary Emily Atack: ask for it?

She was “afraid of men” in her teens and remembers being touched at parties without her consent, while in the film she hears from 16-year-old girls about their own experiences of cyberflashing, i.e. when a person sends unsolicited sexual messages sends. images via social media, AirDrop or online dating apps.

Some of the girls she spoke to revealed that they first experienced cyberflashing when they were just 11 years old.

Speaking after their conversation, the former Inbetweeners actress said, “It hit me pretty hard listening to those girls at school because it really made me think about the kind of things I went through as a teenager.

“My first sexual experience with an 18-year-old was [when I was] 12. Men scared me, they were always inappropriate for me from such a young age.

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“What I’ve been told in therapy over the years is that I found a way to cope and that was by opening myself up to boys and men from an early age.”

Elsewhere on the program, Emily spoke with Theresa Cabot, sexual assault and abuse counselor, about her experiences as a child and how she feels now when she thinks about it.

She explained, “At the time, when I was having sex and using my body to get what I wanted out of a situation, I thought that’s what you had to do.

“I didn’t like it, it hurt. I was in situations where I was so drunk and I woke up and things happened to me… things like that.

‘I hate myself [for it]. Stop causing trouble! Just be like all the other kids, like all the other girls. Have interests other than kissing boys and makeup.”

Emily Atack: ask for it? airs on 31 January at 9pm on BBC Two.

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