Emily Sheffield: Holly and Phil need not be ashamed of Twitter storm

The genius presenters of This Morning found themselves in a Twitter storm after images surfaced Friday of them appearing to skip the line as thousands of mourners waited patiently for 12 hours to pay their respects. A petition from change.org to delete them has surpassed 50,000 signatures. This is despite the fact that ITV has already publicly supported the pair twice. They were there with media accreditation, like many, so they could report on the event before their show on Tuesday.

The suspicion lies in the cameras that caught them walking past Her Majesty along the wall, although it is clear they are not lining up with the mourners. And then? Seriously, does anyone care that much? We took part in an incredible week of mourning, watched one of the most beautiful and moving funerals alongside four billion people around the world, and this is our main takeaway? Fire Holly and Phil? Our only reaction after parting with our queen of seven decades is to go on a witch-hunt for those who we believe did not quite live up to the standards others set, while paying respect. And since they were just doing their job, they sneaked a peek.

Twitter rows are largely ignorable. But those who started this, who took part in it and then signed that damn petition are the ones who should be ashamed of themselves. Not Holly and Phil.


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