Fireworks spark fire on Christchurch’s Port Hills

Firefighters were called to a major bushfire caused by fireworks on Christchurch’s Port Hills.

The fire brigade and emergency services received several calls on Saturday evening around 9 p.m. informing them of the fire.

A Fire and Emergency spokesperson said crews from both Governor’s Bay and Spreydon fire stations responded and found a 10-by-30-foot thicket near Sugarloaf.

Firefighters quickly brought the fire under control and it was extinguished by 9:15 p.m.

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It appears the fire was started by people setting off fireworks in the area, a spokesman said.

“If people are setting off fireworks in the area, we urge them to do so in a safe manner and make sure they have some form of fire extinguisher with them.” said the spokesman.

Emergency services left the crime scene on Saturday evening. There were no further flare-ups, they said.