Flooding in Auckland: Death toll now 3 after landslide destroyed Remuera’s home

A person has been found dead after a landslide that brought down a house on Remuera’s Shore Rd in central Auckland. “Extreme” flooding on Friday.

Police and firefighters on the scene Saturday morning had blocked off part of the road after the house was knocked off its foundation, causing it to lean on a corner.

A previously missing person has been found dead, police said in a statement Saturday afternoon.

“The police will now investigate on behalf of the coroner.”

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Large sections of the cliff appeared to have descended into the backyards of homes across from Shore Rd Reserve.

An excavator was brought in shortly before 9 a.m. and the bucket was used to stabilize the house and prevent it from moving any further.

Stuff spoke to several neighbors who were walking their dogs on Saturday morning.


The torrential rain has led to desperate scenes in West Auckland as flash flooding caused widespread chaos.

A neighbor said a man in his 80s recently lived in the house, but wasn’t sure if he was still there.

“He used to keep an eye on the cricket club [across the road] and when he saw people who were not too hearty, he went over to see them.

Another neighbor said the house always looked “a bit run-down.”

She has lived in the area for 30 years and was concerned about other houses at the bottom of the hill.

“They’re people’s homes.”

the police said two men were found dead in separate flood incidents in Wairau Valley on the north coast, one on Friday evening and the other in the wee hours of Saturday morning.