Florence Pugh says she “absolutely abused herself” for the role of Midsommar – The Hollywood Reporter

Florence Pug became candid about the effort she put into creating her Midsummer characterDani.

In a recent appearance on the Off menu podcast with Ed Gamble and James Acaster, the actress said every day on set was different.

“Every day the content would get weirder and harder to do,” she told the co-hosts. “I put things in my head that kept getting worse and darker. I think towards the end I probably, most definitely abused myself to get that performance.

She explained that she was so absorbed in her character that it seemed like she had never done any of her roles before.

“There were so many places I had to go,” the said Don’t worry honey star said. “I’d never played someone who was in so much pain, and I’d put myself in really shitty situations that other actors might not have to, but I’d just imagine the worst things.”

With three days to go the Midsummer to shootthe Oscar nominee headed to Boston to begin filming at Greta Gerwig’s little women, for which she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress. She recalled looking down on the podcast at the rest of her cast filming from the plane and being awash with “immense guilt” over her character’s fate.

“I felt like I left her there in that field, in that state, and it was so weird. I’ve never had that before. I always thought that all my characters, as soon as I left, ‘they’ll be fine’, ‘the A good person actress said. “She can’t take care of herself, almost like I made this person, and then I just left her when I had to go make another movie.”

Pugh added, “I made such a sad person and then felt guilty that I made that person and then left her.”