Fruit Ninja VR 2 is coming to Quest, Pico and PC VR platforms this week

Fruit Ninja VR 2 now has a final release date, launching later this week on April 6 for Quest, Pico, and PC VR.

Halfbrick Studios says the sequel will feature the return of the original’s classic, arcade and zen modes, now “juicier than ever.” Fruit Ninja VR 2 also features a new bow weapon, which allows you to target and shoot fruit with arrows instead of the regular disc and dice method.

A new rhythm mode “challenges you to keep up with the pace of the course”, while multiplayer mode lets you compete with other players and show off your cutting skills. If you prefer using bow in multiplayer then the new Apple Head multiplayer mode is perfectly suited, while the Social Hub provides a place for players to relax and chat with others in-game.

Halfbrick also says there will be a new relaxation space in the world called Fruitasia where you can “take a break from the competition” and “explore, relax and cut to your heart’s content”.

The game is currently available on Steam for PC VR in Early Access, but will be fully released alongside other platforms later this week. On Quest, it supports Quest 2 and Quest Pro, but not the original Quest headset.