Games Inbox: Will there be a Mandalorian video game?

Why is it taking so long to get a proper Mandalorian game? (pic: Epic Games)

The Monday letters page has a great example of why breakable weapons are a good idea in Zelda, as another reader wants a new John Wick game.

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This might be the way
Has there been a Mandalorian game announced? The whole thing could be an open galaxy Metroidvania type game where you go off to collect bounties and then use it for weapons upgrades. They don’t need to use Pedro Pascal’s character, they can create a new Mandalorian character from a different time period.

Surprised that Disney hasn’t tried to farm it out to a developer, as it’s perfect for a video games. The show is so popular and to be honest it’s the only thing I am watching on Disney+. The only good thing about the Boba Fett show was Pedro Pascal’s character.
Alek Kazam

GC: Nothing has ever been officially announced but the rumour is that Ubisoft’s open world Star Wars game is bounty hunter related in some way.

Bad knees
I was referring to movies, not a TV show, but I do agree with GC. In fact, Mandalorian is more like a video game because it is a TV show, given its extra runtime. Another character which is a perfect fit for a video game adaptation.

We’ve got Jedi Survivor coming up, though I’m really not hyped for the game. It looks more of the same, but with additional lightsabers and extra moves. Typical sequel extras I suppose, though one familiarity I’m not impressed with is the same janky animation for walking. Just like the first game, character movement never quite interacts with the scenery, as his legs buckle as you traverse the environment. A nit-pick, but really off-putting and kind of ruins the presentation. All that extra production value and they forget to address janky legs.

Top-down now and then
I concur with Anon RE: John Wick Chapter 4, which I watched on Thursday. It reminded me of some of the scenes in the game I’m playing mostly at the moment Sleeping Dogs. Although my favourite bit in the film was a real-life action top-down view of Keanu battling room to room with various weapons, Alien Breed style.

Apologies it’s an old reference. I’m sure there are better, newer ones. Endless Dungeon you previewed recently, perhaps. What a great game John Wick would make.
Johnny Alpha SD

GC: We suspect that sequence was actually inspired by the more contemporary Hotline Miami. Also, we’re going to keep recommending John Wick Hex, which is great and already exists. Although nobody seems to acknowledge that fact but us. Maybe it’s a ghost game only we can see.

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Complaint backfire
RE: Breakable weapons in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. Let me tell you a tale, about my dislike of breakable weapons in Breaht Of The Wild. I was on the mammoth water beast, divine beasty, in the Zora kingdom. I’d struggled through, conserving as many of those blooming flimsy weapons as possible, knowing there was likely a boss coming. And so there was, a floaty, ice cube throwing b-word… long story short I had to shoot every cube it threw my way, until it ceased and I could get a couple of shots on the boss.

Rinse and repeat, slowly losing bow after bow after bow and unable to attack with a sword, of which I had only one left after the slog through the beast to start with, because the battle was based in water and I was on an icicle of my own! Anyhoo, time comes when I fire my last shot before the final bow breaks and the boss slumps awaiting its last hit! At this point I’m swinging the sword frantically hoping for a miraculous hit, but it’s not happening. In a blind panic I press some random combinations of button mashing and I fling the sword square at the boss, it shatters of course, but that’s enough to finish it off. Relief.

Now imagine going through all that, to run out of weapons at the last minute… to repeat the boss, knowing that your inventory won’t last the fight, the only other option to make your way back out of said beast and roam around collecting more weapons, then going back through the beast again in the hope that your boomerang and ice wand will make a difference.

This is the reason I never liked the mechanic in the first place and why when it dawned on me that Tears of The Kingdom seemed like more of the same, my enthusiasm waned.
big boy bent
PS: If I’d of got that boss down to its last breath, then lost all my weapons, I’d of effed and blinded and swore never to play it again… for at least an hour.

GC: But that’s not what happened? Your description sounds like the best advert possible for breakable weapons, with everything coming right down to the wire. We wish our version of that fight had played out that way.

Innovation aversion
I’ve sat down and taken in the responses to both the strides Final Fantasy 16 is making with its combat and to the comments the creator of Dragon Quest has made regarding the battle system supposedly being more interesting for the next game, Dragon Quest 12. I feel like I’m going insane, in all honesty. It feels like the moment a game dares to be something beyond a cookie cutter retread it’s suddenly some horrific assault on the player-base, leading to rants towards the developer for ‘ruining the franchise’ and a consistent whiny longing for the ‘good old days’ and I’m genuinely beginning to get sick and tired of it.

Final Fantasy 16 in particular has received a lot of flack for ‘not being Final Fantasy’ or ‘not being a JRPG’ when many people who work on Final Fantasy have explicitly stated they don’t like the idea of the franchise being put into a box with certain expectations attached, which has always been evident by how willing Final Fantasy has been to evolve and change between entries. Dragon Quest 12 has also received flack for ‘disregarding turn-based combat’ based purely on a pretty vague statement from the creator, when for all we know the ‘interesting’ system the creator described is just turn-based combat with extra mechanics added on top to make it more engaging.

Dragon Quest has been a safe and sterile franchise for so long that the fact that people are immediately pushing back against the idea of the games evolving and improving, as opposed to remaining exactly the same makes me almost angry, and I’ll never understand why people would rather play the same game they’ve been playing forever instead of perhaps being open to new and exciting things that can make the game they already like even better.

I know this applies to other genres and games as well, but I used the example of Japanese role-players since I’m both more experienced with the genre compared to other genres and also because the fanbase seems to be particularly vocally whiny about the whole idea. You’re allowed to not like a game, but I’m asking people to be more open when it comes to change because, as an art form and industry, video games rely on innovation to drive the industry forward and reach new heights.

GC: We agree entirely but, sadly, for too many people all they want is what they already know.

Birthing ‘Ring
I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal that the Game Pass £1 deal is cancelled, but your last two letters pages have both had people write in saying they’ll not use Game Pass since the £1 deal ended. What were they doing, subscribing and cancelling every month?

Given that most subscription services only run offers like this for a limited time, it’s not a big surprise it’s stopped, and if you factor people gaming the system into it as well….

I’ve been subscribed on and off since the start, currently on a two-year sub when I got an Xbox Series S on All Access. I don’t play everyone but there’s loads of games I’ve tried and really enjoyed which I would never have taken a chance on upfront, like Medieval Dynasty.

To me, the much bigger issue with Game Pass is that there’s no racing game that features the Nürburgring on it, since Forza Motorsport 7 was de-listed. I can still play it as I own it, but I can’t organise a get-together of Game Pass friends to do drinking games on the ‘Ring for my birthday, because not all of them have access to it!
Kevin Bishop

Original reaction
Yeah, Resident Evil 4 has been amazing so far. Just got Ashley out of the church and we’re out of the village square together. I bought it for the PlayStation 4 and thus far no performance issues. I traded in Sonic Frontiers at my local indie store. That got me £20 off. Otherwise, it would have been £55! Which, I feel I must point out, is not pocket change. I’m being priced outta the game, son!

I too am struggling, here and there, but yeah – I’m not really moving while I shoot or parrying with the knife all that much. One, because I don’t like to have to constantly being repairing the knife and two, the GameCube original has just programmed me to play my old way. I simply need to find my rhythm, I think.

I loved being able to explore the lake properly and the Lovecraftian vibe seems stronger this time round, like how the Las Plagas are probably much older than we can imagine. I already miss old Lord Saddler and I’ve learned that the baddies don’t hijack Leon’s comms like they did before, so they can have some cheesy banter. Alas.

Still, it’s a good idea to think of this version as an interesting alternative edition, like a remix – rather than supplanting the original game. The Resi 2 remake didn’t do that either as the PS1 game still has features and set pieces to recommend it. And certainly Resi 3 didn’t replace its inspiration – if anything, it was inferior to my trusty, old Dreamcast port! Imagine! Well, you don’t have to of course.

Do miss the narrator, too. Don’t make me pay extra for that kind of thing, Capcom! Let’s do it now so I can get it out of my system: Resident Eeeeee-eeee-eeeeee-villlll! Oh yeah. That was a good one. I’ll need a lie down after that.

GC: If it works like previous games the Soundtrack Swap DLC should add the ‘Resident Evil 4’ title call at the beginning. We can’t confirm because we don’t have it though. It’s £2.49 on the PlayStation Store.

Last gen strategy
The recent news regarding the key members of the XCOM team at Firaxis leaving would seem to be bad news.

Maybe they will produce a title in another universe?

I can recommend Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus by Bulwark Studios for XCOM fans.

Was Midnight Suns released on the PlayStation 4?
Matt Kirk

GC: Midnight Suns is supposed to be coming to PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, but there’s still no date. Given what a flop it was on other formats there’s a possibility it may be cancelled.

Second response
I know I wrote in already for the Hot Topic, so this is probably not allowed, nut I remembered Codies’ games, whose lineage means I’ve played a lot of them!

The TOCA series, that morphed into GRID.

TOCA – what a magnificent touring car game! A proper sim where you had to spot your braking points, take the racing line and use proper racecraft.
TOCA 2 – more of the same
TOCA 3 Race Driver – expanding beyond touring cars into a multi-discipline racer (and a very good one for the time). It even included rallying!

Which then morphed into Race Driver: GRID (so dropping the TOCA part, keeping the Race Driver part and introducing the GRID part) this was the first racing game I played online. But the cut detection was awful, people could literally just miss corners and bounce across the grass like a Mario Kart shortcut.

GRID 2 – this is when it started going really sim-cade.

GRID: Autosport – trying to get back to being more serious – they even introduced cut detection that would cut power to your car, but it was pretty hamfisted and could be so infuriating! Still, a solid entry!

GRID Legends. It’s quite good fun, in its way, but it handles like Forza Horizon so doesn’t get much love from me because, well… if I want to play a game that handles like Forza Horizon I will play Forza Horizon!

So that’s seven… and it’s probably the series that really got into sim racing. Ironically, a series I don’t really play now as it’s not sim enough for a sim, but not arcadey enough for arcade. I also can’t be bothered with the whole unlocking of cars and upgrades.

Then there’s the Colin McRae series and how it progressed.

Colin McRae Rally – loved it on PS1, first racing wheel I ever bought was for this game (MadKatz, no force feedback).

Colin McRae 2, more of the same! Both were my first rally games and I loved them.

But I then didn’t pick one up until Colin McRae: DiRT. A spiritual successor, far more concerned with dirt racing than rallying, but great fun!

Then Colin McRae: DiRT 2. More of the same, still fun.

They dropped Colin McRae after this, after his untimely death, but I bought DiRT 3. I must admit, fun as they were, especially as they still had split screen racing, I really wanted something a bit more rally time trial orientated.

So when they released DiRT: Rally I jumped straight on board. A proper rally sim, exactly what the late Colin McRae would have wanted, surely?

DiRT: Rally 2 took up the mantle and just did everything better! Man it’s tough, but so rewarding! I love it. At over 100GB it’s a hard drive hog though!

I haven’t bothered with DiRT 4 or 5, because it’s the time trial rallying I love and DiRT Rally does this so well.

So again seven games. Thanks for the memories Codies! You will be missed now you’re EA!

Sorry for bombarding you.
The Dude Abides

GC: You may have the TOCA names mixed up. The first one was called TOCA Touring Car Championship, which had a sequel. Then the last three entries were TOCA Race Driver 1, 2, and 3. Although that does underline your point, that there have been a lot of them.

Inbox also-rans
As I said in my previous letter, I have just this week taken up the £10.99 Game Pass offer. It’s real and it works as per my screenshot attached. Have I ever lied to you GC? 30 years, man and boy? No I would not. Because respect is a two way street, right?

GC: We’re sure you’re right, we just didn’t want people blaming us if it didn’t work!

Thinking about wanting Capcom to try something new, I’m still a bit upset that Deep Down (the sort of Dark Souls looking game that seemed to be split between a future and a VR game you play) has seemingly been abandoned. It looked like it could really scratch a Dragon’s Dogma itch I had, so I’ll just have to wait for the sequel, I guess.
Joseph Dowland

GC: It did seem promising but we’re not sure it ever really existed outside of a tech demo.

This week’s Hot Topic
The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Gamgee, who asks what is your favourite non-violent video game?

Games where you don’t have to hurt or kill anyone are more common than they used to be but they’re still fairly rare, so which is your favourite? Any kind of violence counts, whether it’s cartoonish or gory, but what is your favourite game where everybody lives?

Is that what attracted you to the game or were you unconvinced it would be fun until you tried it? How much does the violence in a game influence what you play and what other kind of non-violent games would you like to see become more prominent?

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