Georgia Harrison scolds Stephen Bear’s fiancé for supporting him

Georgia Harrison has shared what she really thinks of fiancée Stephen Bear (Picture: ITV)

Georgia Harrison shared her opinion about Stephen Bear‘s fiancée after vowing to ‘always support’ him following his conviction for revenge porn.

The former Famous Big Brother winner, 33, was sentenced to 21 months in prison earlier this month after sharing a video of him and the Love Island star, 28, having sex in his garden.

He uploaded the footage to his OnlyFans platform without her permission and it was later revealed that he made £40,000 from the private footage.

After his conviction Jessica Smith, who is engaged to Bear and is also an OnlyFans creator, wrote on Twitter, “I love you. I will always be by your side, stay strong baby’.

She added that the “truth will come out” and claimed Bear never had a “fair trial.”

Now ex-Towie star Harrison has said Smith “just wants to be in the spotlight” and increase her social media following.

The former Love Island star was ‘relieved’ when Bear was convicted of sharing revenge porn (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

In conversation with TikToker Grace Barry on her podcast Saving graceHarrison said, “She was pepped up outside the prison, which we all know is trapped.”

She clearly just wants to be in the spotlight and gain followers on her OnlyFans page, and she’s doing that successfully.

“I just think he’s a villain and so is she. I think they like shame or they wouldn’t encourage it.’

Adding that she feels “pity” for Smith, Harrison continued, “She met him when she was 21, I know he’s extremely manipulative, especially when you don’t have anyone to give you their honest opinion from the outside.”

So I think the reason I was so easily manipulated on The Challenge is because I didn’t have friends and family or a way to escape the bubble I was in with him.

Bear is currently serving a 21-month prison sentence (Picture: ITV)
His fiancé, Jessica Smith, has vowed to “always” stand by him from the outside (Picture: PA)

“And she’s obviously in a bubble because they’re not leaving their goddamn house.”

She also slammed a video made by Bear and his significant other in which they appeared to mock what he was doing.

“When they put up their porn video, the girlfriend would sometimes post captions like, ‘I can’t believe you filmed this without me knowing,’ and that’s a hit with me.”

She continued, “When the trial was moved, they knew about it two days before I did. So to celebrate, they got prisoner jumpsuits, orange jumpsuits, and proceeded to make porn in their prisoners’ outfits and posted it all on TikTok Twitter, their adult pages…

‘While at home I’m devastated that my life has gone backwards for nine months. So she likes to participate.’

Despite facing criticism and taking down her social media comments, Smith stuck with her partner and said she would marry him next year.

Harrison previously described the lengthy legal ordeal as ‘hell’ (Picture: ITV)
Meanwhile, Bear would now earn 60 pence an hour in his job behind bars (Photo: GC Images/GC Images)

However, her behavior could land her in hot water like she recently broke the rules by filming in jail visiting Bear.

Meanwhile, Bear is reportedly on the inside moved to an ‘isolation wing’ for ‘vulnerable prisoners’, under the watchful eye of staff amid concerns for his well-being, after he was reportedly on suicide watch.

And in stark contrast to his life on the outside, Bear would be now Earn 60 pence an hour in a job packing tea and coffee for fellow inmates.

According to reports from The sunBear has had “a good dose of reality,” while other inmates laugh about him being a “tea boy.”

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