GM ditches CarPlay and Android Auto for Google-built infotainment system

GM sniffs CarPlay

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General Motors plans to gradually replace CarPlay and Android Auto in its vehicles, in favor of an in-house infotainment system developed with Google, leaning on subscription services.

As Apple prepares to launch the next-generation CarPlay it teased in 2022, some automakers are taking a step back. For example, after GM was late in integrating third-party systems, GM will no longer offer CarPlay and Android Auto in future electric vehicles, starting with the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer.

The automaker plans to keep CarPlay and Android Auto in its combustion cars. Owners of vehicles equipped with the mirror technologies can still use the systems.

But according to Reutershas the company have worked with Google to develop its own infotainment system. The move could help GM collect more data about how people drive and charge their electric vehicles.

GM has been working with Google since 2019 to create the software foundation for infotainment systems that will integrate more closely with other automotive systems, such as GM’s Super Cruise driver assistance system. The car company also plans to use its electric vehicles as platforms for digital subscription services.

In an interview, Edward Kummer, GM’s Chief Digital Officer, and Mike Himche, Executive Director of Digital Cockpit Experience, explained that GM benefits from focusing engineers and investments on one approach to an infotainment system.

“There are a lot of new driver assistance features coming up that are more closely linked to navigation,” Himche said. “We don’t want to design these features in a way that relies on someone having a cell phone.”

It is not clear why Himche believes that the owner of an electric vehicle sold for $40,000 and above will not have a cell phone.

Either way, drivers can still listen to music in their GM vehicles or make calls on iPhone or Android smartphones using Bluetooth.

People who buy a GM electric vehicle get free access to Google Maps and Google Assistant for eight years. The future GM system also offers apps such as Spotify, Audible and other services.

“We really believe there is subscription revenue opportunity for us,” said Kummer. By 2030, GM CEO Mary Barra hopes to generate $20 to $25 billion in revenue from annual subscription fees.

The report doesn’t directly quote a GM executive saying they were scrapping CarPlay altogether. AppleInsider has reached out to Apple and GM for comment on the report.

GM was not on the list of next-generation CarPlay partners. That list includes Land Rover, Audi, Lincoln, Porsche, Nissan, Ford, Jaguar, Acura, Volvo, Honda, Polestar and Infiniti.