Happy 14th birthday, Android! Look how far you’ve come

Credit: Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

Fourteen years since its launch, Android has democratized the smartphone world. It would be fair to say that it delivered on its initial promise to make app-based, internet-connected experiences available to everyone. Compared to Apple’s walled-garden approach, Google designed Android to be a powerful computer in your pocket and scale the same experience to its best. budget phones and flagships equal.

Even in the first iteration, Android was packed with essential features for a productivity-oriented user experience. Multitasking was an important part of the experience from day one. Likewise, Android has nailed the notification system in its first iteration. The dropdown remains the primary way to handle all your notifications to this day, and even Apple eventually had to give in and add it. Android also had a competitive edge with basic features like an app drawer, the ability to move desktop icons, and quick access to settings and change wallpapers, none of which were available on the first iPhones.


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