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Exits and arrivals are this week’s theme (Photos: Endemol Shine)

This week on Home and Away, Tane (Ethan Browne) continues to struggle with Felicity’s (Jacqui Purvis) erratic behavior, but he has no idea what she’s keeping from him. In the end, it’s Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) who finds out what’s really going on when he discovers her stash of alcohol in a cupboard at home…

Elsewhere, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) struggles to connect with her baby daughter – it feels like everyone can keep her calm except her. Dean (Patrick O’Connor) supports him and goes to get her pumps so he can take over night feeds, but later wakes up from a nap to find his girlfriend has disappeared – leaving him alone with the baby.

Here’s what’s coming in Home and Away for the week starting Monday, April 3.

Nikau discovers Felicity’s alcohol stash

Felicity’s spiral (Photo: Endemol Shine)

Tane doesn’t know how to help Felicity, and his frustration ends in him lashing out at John when the Surf Club’s WiFi goes down. His aggression increases to the point that Dean has to drag him away and ask him, what’s wrong? When Tane opens up about Felicity, Dean tells him that all he can do is stand by and support her. It seems that Tane has figured out how to proceed, but the situation quickly changes when Nikau goes to get some clean towels from the closet and discovers Felicity’s stash of alcohol…

Eden yells at Cash to back off after going too far

Cash learns that Eden has been released from the hospital, and is angry that Eden did not tell him himself. He rushes to her house to see how she is, but Eden is not expecting him and had already asked him for space. She hints that he should go, and then just tells him honestly. Later, Eden is suddenly struck by a flashback of her and Cash in bed together, which sends her emotions into overdrive. She goes to the beach to clear her head, only to run into Cash. He asks if she’s okay, but it only triggers another flashback. She eventually yells at him to back off, much to his shock and dismay.

Bree is called a killer on Jacob’s funeral deal

Bree has been staying with Xander and Rose since she returned to the Bay, but her journey to recovery is far from linear. Xander notices that Bree is not in the mood and calls her out. She admits that today is Jacob’s funeral, so his family and all their old friends are going through hell. What’s more, while she’s received messages of support, she’s also received abusive messages calling her a murderer… Xander tells her to turn off her phone. It’s time for them to focus on something else.

Ziggy disappears after becoming overwhelmed with parenting

Can Dan help? (Photo: Endemol Gloss)

Ziggy has entered a world of changing diapers, sleepless nights and crying like a new mother, and to make matters worse, she feels like her daughter has no contact with her at all. The lack of sleep doesn’t help either. Dean supports her and tells her she’s doing great. He goes away for a while and returns with breast pumps, saying he’ll take over night feeds so she can catch up on some sleep. Ziggy is grateful, but when Dean wakes up from a nap he realizes he’s alone in the house with the baby – Ziggy is nowhere to be seen…

Remi lashes out after seeing Xander and Bree together

Bree is just starting to get over her emotions when a box arrives for her in the mail – it’s evidence of the day Jacob died. Among them is the letter she wrote to Remi telling him how much she loves him. Xander tells her to tell him how she feels, so she goes to find him. But the moment Remi sees her with Xander, he becomes convinced that she has moved on. He snaps and goes on the attack. In the heat of battle, Bree tells him he sounds like Jacob…

Ava turns up in the bay and fixates on Theo

Ava makes her comeback (Picture: Endemol Shine)

Justin is stuck in a garage day with Theo when he is stunned to see a familiar face – his daughter, Ava, shows up out of nowhere! Ava, now 16, reveals she had a fight with her mother and took the bus to the bay. Justin immediately calls Nina and they agree that she can stay there for a while. But while Justin tries to question her about the boy she’s apparently seeing online, Ava gets distracted by Theo and only has eyes for him…

Felicity ruins Lyrik’s performance after she spirals out of control

Felicity’s downward spiral continues after she moves into the trailer park, and she quickly becomes booze as Lyrik’s Salt performance gets underway. Mackenzie and Gabe try to get her to stop, but she just keeps having drinks and becomes more and more volatile as the night goes on. Finally, Mackenzie puts her foot down and tells her to go home. Enraged, Felicity stumbles out of the bar – but not before pulling the plug on Lyrik’s performance…

Remi decides to leave Lyrik and leave the Bay

Remi has been encouraged to attend the performance, even though he cannot yet play with his hand still in a cast. He finds it difficult to see and feel Kirby and Theo on stage he belongs up there with them. To make matters worse, Bree shows up in a beautiful dress and sits down with Xander to watch the music.

Finally Remi can’t take it anymore and walks out. Bree goes after him but Remi has had enough and tells her he can’t handle seeing the tape and the woman he can’t have. He tells her that’s it – he’s leaving the band and leaving the bay…

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