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As the cost of living As the crisis continues for many households in the UK, various expenses will rise in price as we approach April.

By council tax increases to the current inflation cost up daily necessitiesmoney will be stretched further than ever.

Although this is worrying news, the government is introducing support measures in line with the price increases. A lot of benefits are rising in April in line with inflation, and the first of a £900 living expenses payment is expected by late spring.

Another cost item that has been announced is the increase in water bills. Here’s what you need to know…

When do water bills go up in price?

The water bill goes up from tomorrow April 1, 2023.

Support for low-income households is also being increased to an all-time high.

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More than one million households are already receiving help with their water bills, which will be increased to 1.2 million in the coming months.

Find out more about support for your water bill and whether you qualify for it.

How much more expensive will the water bills be?

Water UK released a statement in February confirming the accounts will increase by an average of £31 to £448 per year in England and Wales (equivalent to about 60p more per week), but this figure will vary by location and water usage.

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While this is a blow to households already facing lean times, the increase in water bills is below inflation (November CPIH inflation, which regulators have set as a benchmark, was 9.3%).

The water bill remains lower in real terms than ten years ago.

How to increase your water bill

The table below shows how average water and sewerage bills in England and Wales will change from April, but individual bills may be higher or lower depending on factors such as your location, your usage and whether you have a water meter.

Estimated water and sewer costs for 2023/24

  • Anglian£492, + £47 year on year (YOY)
  • Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water£499, + £14 YOY
  • Sever Dee£372, + £41 YOY
  • Northumbrian£391, + £29 YOY
  • Severn Trent£419, + £28 YOY
  • South West£476, + £8 YOY
  • Southern£439, + £43 YOY
  • Thames£456, + £39 YOY
  • United utilities£443, + £26 YOY
  • Wessex, £504, + £42 YEARS
  • Yorkshire£446, + £30 YOY.

How to save money on your water bill

Expert in saving money Martin Lewis has shared manners you can try to reduce some of the higher costs.

Martin explained on his ITV show you how installing a water meter can save you hundreds. Households can opt for a two-year trial and a woman named Debra did so and managed to save £400 in a year.

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He also shared advice for those struggling with benefits, disabilities or medical conditions, saying they should talk to their water company to see if they could be exchanged for a cheaper rate, especially if they use a lot of hot water for showers and baths.

As a final note, he said that everyone can try to get the most out of water-saving gadgets.

By explaining that they are ‘zip code dependent’ people can use sites like you can get “completely free” gadgets from your water company that “save water and also reduce your energy use, because remember that a lot of the water we use is heated.”

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