How to clean a Dyson filter in five easy steps

DYSON is one of the world’s largest companies, providing people with a range of different products, including vacuum cleaners and air purifiers.

Here we look at how you can make sure your Dyson vacuum cleaner runs smoothly.

Dyson filters should be cleaned at least once a month to maintain efficiency


Dyson filters should be cleaned at least once a month to maintain efficiency

How to clean a Dyson filter

To ensure that your Dyson product is working properly, follow these steps to ensure that your vacuum cleaner is maintained.

Remove the filter from your Dyson vacuum cleaner

Make sure you remove the filter from your Dyson before cleaning it.

You don’t want to damage the main machine.

Remove excess dust

Remove any loose debris from the inside of your filter by gently tapping it.

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This can be done over a sink, in a trash can, or any other way you want to remove the dust.

Rinse the filter under the tap

Dyson recommend rinsing the filter under the tap.

This should be done with warm water and you should rub it gently with your hands.

Do not use detergents when cleaning the product, as this may damage it.

Shake it vigorously

Then fill the filter with warm tap water and shake it.

Hold both open ends as you do this.

Doing this will remove any excess debris left in the filter.

Then shake vigorously to remove any remaining water.

Let it dry for at least 24 hours

Allow the filter to dry in an area with adequate airflow, such as next to a fan or an open window.

Do not dry it next to an open flame, in a tumble dryer or microwave, as this may damage it.

You must ensure that the filter is completely dry before reattaching it to your device Dyson machine, as residual water can damage the engine and cost you money.

How often should I clean my Dyson filter?

Dyson recommends cleaning your filter at least once a month to keep your machine running efficiently.

By doing this consistently, you can ensure that the suction power of the product is maintained.

How long do Dyson vacuum cleaners last?

Dyson vacuum cleaners are thought to have a lifespan of up to 10 years.

However, there is no definitive answer to how long one will last.

Older products plug into a wall outlet, while newer models are wireless and can be charged.

The Dyson website says “Dyson battery life is determined by multiple factors such as quality of care and storage. It is not determined by a fixed number of years. So there are things you can do to extend your Dyson battery life and maximize runtime.”

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Suggestions on the website included avoiding using and storing the product in a hot environment, as this accelerates battery aging.

Another tip is to let the machine cool down after use.