How to pair and sync your Garmin watch with your phone

Before you can get the most out of your Garmin watch or fitness tracker, you need to pair it with your smartphone. Thankfully, the process is simple. Once your device is paired, you can sit and relax while the fitness data captured by your watch is automatically synced to your mobile. But what is the initialization process? Also, can I manually sync Garmin data if needed? More than that is explained below.

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Install Garmin Connect on your device and Settings or other menusThen select Garmin Devices> Add Device Start the watch and phone pairing process.

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How to pair your Garmin watch with your mobile phone

Before pairing Garmin with your phone, you need to put your device in the charger and make sure your phone’s Bluetooth radio is turned on. Finally, you need the Garmin Connect app. This app is an intermediary between watches and mobile phones.

Once your watch starts, you may need to check the language of your desired device and make sure you’re pairing your device with your phone. These first steps are different across different Garmin devices.

Now that you’ve selected these checkboxes, here’s how to pair your Garmin watch with your smartphone:

  • Open the Garmin Connect app.
  • If you have Garmin login information, Login..Must be tapped Create an account If this is your first Garmin device.
  • Tap setting Also more (Three dot icons or three horizontal line icons), then scroll Garmin device.. Tap.
  • Tap Add a device.
  • It should take a few seconds for the app to find the clock. Keep your watch close during this process. When Garmin Connect finds your watch, tap Connecting..
  • The clock displays a 6-digit code. Enter this code on your mobile phone.
  • If this isn’t your first Garmin device, Connect may ask if you want to set your new watch as your preferred tracker.Tap exchange.
  • Your Garmin device is now paired with your phone.

How to manually sync your Garmin watch with your phone

The Garmin watch syncs your data with your host phone in the background or when Garmin Connect is open, so you don’t have to do it manually. However, you may need to see the process yourself, especially if you own an older device.

The process of manually syncing your fitness data to Garmin Connect is device-specific. Depending on your model, you may need to open or navigate to the control menu or main settings menu. Sync icon Tap. This is true for devices such as the Instinct, Forerunner 45 Series and Vivofit 3.

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Older devices such as Vivofit 3 and 4 have auto-sync features that allow users to choose how often their watch syncs with Garmin Connect on their mobile phones throughout the day.

Is there a way to start a manual sync directly from Garmin Connect? Well, unfortunately it isn’t. Unlike the Fitbit app, which allows you to swipe down to start syncing, there’s no way to manually start syncing your device via Garmin Connect.

Garmin Watch Sync Problems and Solutions

Google Pixel 6 Apple Watch and Garmin Connect Home Screen

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

  • Restart both your Garmin watch and your smartphone. This simple solution usually fixes a stubborn problem. If not, it provides a clean platform for troubleshooting.
  • Make sure your phone’s Garmin Connect is updated and up-to-date.
  • Perhaps Garmin Connect is down? Double check that it is up and all services are working properly.
  • Try removing the watch from Garmin Connect. Then restart the pairing process.

For more information on possible fixes for sync issues, visit the Garmin problem and solution master list at the link.


And so is it. Garmin Connect is designed to sync your clock and data every time you open the app.

According to Garmin, the synchronization process can last as long as 10 minutes, depending on the amount of data transferred.

Garmin Connect maintains a Bluetooth connection between your watch and your mobile phone. However, if you want to sync music from a third-party provider such as Spotify, you’ll need to enable Wi-Fi on your watch. Wi-Fi is also used for software updates.


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