How to Use Collaboration in iMessage on iOS 16

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Apple has made collaboration with others easier with iMessage in iOS 16, which allows users to invite others to collaborate on a project and get real-time updates about the changes made. Here’s how to get started.

Collaboration works across the board iPhones, iPadsand Macs with the latest operating systems.

Here’s what you can do with Collaboration and how to send a collaboration invite via iMessage to people you want to work with on a project.

How collaboration helps groups

Previously, you had to send a copy – not the live version – of a document to share with others, but in iOS 16, Apple solves this problem with Collaboration. This feature allows you to select a document and immediately start collaborating with others on the shared sheet.

When you invite others to collaborate on a project, you can send an attachment within iMessage. Sending the invite is as easy as sending a link to others.

Once you want to start collaborating with others on a project, you can select the Share button and select the people you want to collaborate with. You don’t have to select multiple people, but if everyone you want to share with is in one group chat, you can simply select or type in the name of the group chat and everyone in it will have access to the project. Make sure “Collaborate” is the selected option and not “Send a copy” in the shared sheet.

When the people you sent the project to get it can start making edits and changes right away. In the project, a side message appears in the corner of the people who have joined the collaboration.

At the top of the message thread, you can see updates about the changes that have been made or the changes you have missed. From the document, you can initiate communication directly from the toolbar. You can send a message to the group, call or send a FaceTime They also.

You can also collaborate with Shared Tabs in Safari at.

Members can share a group of tabs that the entire team can see and interact with. Once you’ve checked what’s been shared, you can see who’s on which tab by seeing their profile picture next to the webpage name.

More tabs can be added at any time, and when added, team members can jump right in.

Once a member jumps into the project and starts making edits and changes, you can see what they change and the elements they change in real time. If you enable “Participant Cursors”, a name will appear next to the text they change – which will be highlighted.

Collaboration is a great way to work with others on a project at the same time and get real-time updates on what changes are being made. The function works on all devices that are active iOS 16, iPad OS 16and macOS is coming.

Send a Collaboration Invitation

Sending a collaboration invite is very easy and simple to do with iMessage. Sending an invite is like sending a link to everyone. This is how you send one.

  1. Go in the document what you want to collaborate on
  2. Tap the “Part” icon to open the share sheet
  3. Make sure the setting is set to “To collaborate” and not “Send a copy” under the document name. You can also select the option of who can edit the document and what permissions they have.
  4. Tap the person or group chat you also want to send the invitation. If who you want to collaborate with is not accessible in the shared sheet, you can create a new message and type in their name.
  5. Once you send it, others can open the document immediately. You get a message in the document of the people who have joined.

Once an invitation has been sent, you can change who has access at any time – by adding or withdrawing it. To do this, just tap “Manage Sharing” in the document’s communication toolbar (in the area where you would go to make a FaceTime call in the document).

Collaborations can be sent to different people than within the Messages app.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Collaboration is a great tool to help each group complete a project at the same time while they are remote. You can see changes and edits to the document in real time and get a summary of what you missed in the message thread in iMessage.

The feature is a quick and easy way to collaborate, and with the addition of iMessage — and the ability to share the invite and communicate about it quickly and effortlessly — it makes completing a project less of a hassle.

Collaboration works on iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS ventura. iOS 16 is now available with iPadOS16 and macOS Ventura to be released in October 2022.


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