I wear lingerie as a top when I feel like my husband isn’t ‘treating me right’ – it’s the best way to get him to ‘change his tone’

As the trend of wearing underwear as outerwear continues, one woman said she used it to teach her husband a lesson.

She advised her followers to try the trick for themselves if they want their partners to realize what they could be losing.

One woman said she found a way to make her husband regret his attitude


One woman said she found a way to make her husband regret his attitudeCredit: TikTok/official momingyou
She turned into a sexy outfit that made him "change his tone"


She put on a sexy outfit that made him “change his tone”Credit: TikTok/official momingyou

The TikToker going through Markie (@officiallymomingyou) shared one video in which she jumped on the tendency of wearing a corset like a real top.

But her reason for doing so was a little more calculated than just looking cute.

Posing in workout clothes, with her hair in a messy bun and no makeup on her face, she had a word with her female followers: “Ladies…if your man doesn’t treat you right…

“Wear some lingerie as a topper.”

She then started dancing to Justin Timberlake’s song Cry Me A River to prove she wasn’t bothered by her partner’s attitude.

When the frame changed, Markie seemed transformed.

She wore a sexy red lace corset that showed off her chest and waist, and tight jeans that flattered her round hips.

With her hair pinned up in voluminous curls, the brunette beauty looked ready to hit the club.

“He’ll change his tone,” she claimed.

In her caption, Markie hammered home her point to motivate her female followers to harness their power: “We are equipped for war… use your weapons wisely.”

Viewers were in awe of her beauty

“Suddenly I don’t remember why I was upset,” one person commented.

“Just the one I used as a top to make a new profile picture after my ex left me for Valentine’s Day. Slay queen,” added another.

And a third said that even though their husband had done nothing wrong, they still wanted to try: “Ordered!!! Thanks for the tip. He’s good, but this looks like fun.

Viewers agreed it was a stroke of genius


Viewers agreed it was a stroke of geniusCredit: TikTok/official momingyou