I weigh 25th but want to get bigger – I eat 12,000 calories a day and I won’t stop until I’m 54th

ONE man takes bulking to a whole new level by planning to double his body weight.

Bryan Steel, 46, out Florida calls himself an “overgrown valued cattle” and wants to get his own Fans only followers join him on an extreme journey to become 54 stone.

Bryan Steel wants to


Bryan Steel wants to “fat my body, especially my stomach” in a bid to finish 54thCredit: Twitter
He often flaunts his weight gain journey on his OnlyFans to a crowd of loyal followers


He often flaunts his weight gain journey on his OnlyFans to a crowd of loyal followersCredit: Twitter

The American currently weighs 25 kilograms and eats 12,000 calories a day to try and fulfill his dangerous dreams of reaching 54 kilograms one day.

His OnlyFans page states, “I have no choice but to use all subscribers’ money to grow my obsessive need.

“Join us to teach this arrogant bull a lesson about greed.”

Bryan used to weigh 13 pounds and his plan to become a super-sized version of himself now takes up most of his time, but he’s wanted to do it since he was a kid.

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The 46-year-old has to eat constantly or make herself high-calorie shakes to keep the pounds on.

“Growth is too incredible an activity not to get excited about. Being encouraged, nurtured and growing up is extremely kinky and I love it,” he told the Daily star.

“However, apart from the kink and the fetish, it takes a lifestyle of dedication to actually achieve the goals. Gaining size is a real challenge and it takes daily discipline to keep it up.”

Despite his unhealthy path, the creator of OnlyFans makes sure to eat nutritious foods to try and balance out the junk food and visits his doctor regularly.

“I like a wide variety of foods, it helps me eat more when I eat so much on a daily basis. My day usually consists of three or four big meals with snacks and more shakes on gym days,” he said.

The Florida native said it’s always been a “natural desire” to see how big he can get since he was six.

However, Bryan is not ignoring the side effects of his desire to get bigger, including how he has outgrown his assets.

“Clothing, vehicles and even furniture are all indicators of progress and outgrowing them can come at unexpected times,” he said.

“Things like restaurant booths and theme parks are impossible for me now and I don’t fit in certain vehicles.”

The dangers of obesity

While this is Bryan’s choice, obesity is incredibly dangerous to your health

  • The prevalence of obesity in the US between 2017-2020 was at 41.9%
  • The percentages are highest in the age group (which Bryan falls into) of 40-59 years with 44.3%
  • Obesity is strongly linked to health complications, including stroke, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers
  • Around the world, the problem of obesity continues to grow, especially in Western states where diet and lifestyle issues are contributing to what the WHO calls “the global obesity epidemic” or “globesity.”
  • In England in 2021 25.9% of adults were considered obese – one of the highest rates in Europe

However, Bryan claims that this is “all part of the process” and pushes away the negative criticism he has received.

“The people who troll are unhappy with their own lives and think that attacking others or putting others down will make them feel better about themselves,” he said.

Despite the trolls, Bryan said he gets a lot of support from both his online community and friends and family who just want to see him happy.

“There will always be people who question extreme goals, but at the end of the day it’s about love and support. I’m very lucky to have that support at home,” he explained.

“So many people have not only come out to support my growth goals, but have invested in making me even bigger, either by following my OnlyFans or meeting in person to help.

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“We can all achieve great things when we work together and support each other’s goals.

Don’t waste time on things you don’t love and focus on the things you are passionate about… I am passionate about seeing how great I can get physically.

Bryan also works out at the gym and goes to his doctor to try and stay healthier during his strange journey


Bryan also works out at the gym and goes to his doctor to try and stay healthier during his strange journeyCredit: Twitter