I wore the wrong dress and had a wardrobe malfunction on a sailboat – but people think it functioned ‘perfectly’

A WOMAN took a trip on a sailboat but regretted what she had chosen to wear for the outing.

She had a wardrobe malfunction on the windy boat.


Krystie, a content creator, had a wardrobe malfunction on a sailboatCredit: TikTok/_krystlejade

Krystie Jade, a content creator, caught her unfortunate wardrobe malfunction video.

She was standing by the pool enjoying a drink until a gust of wind caused her white dress to rise and expose her underwear.

She zoomed in on her shocked face as she tried in vain to cover herself.

“Luckily I got hold of 2 safety pins to close the sides,” she said, adding the hashtags #accidentalflash.

People used the comments to share their thoughts: “That’s not a glitch, that’s a feature,” one commenter said.

“It seems to work perfectly,” said another.

Others thought the glitch didn’t matter if it looked the way it did.

“She knows what she’s got and loves that little tease at the end,” said one admirer.

“You look like a million bucks,” said another.

“Everything is perfect, don’t change anything,” said a third.

Others were grateful for the circumstances.

“God bless the wind,” joked one commenter.

The wind lifted her dress, revealing her undergarments


The wind lifted her dress, revealing her undergarmentsCredit: TikTok/_krystlejade