I’m a food safety expert – the hidden sign that your meat is ROTTEN…here’s how to avoid getting sick

A FOOD SAFETY expert has revealed the hidden sign that your meat has gone bad – and how to avoid getting sick.

Sylvia Anderson is one of the top in her field and has figured out ways to protect yourself food poisoning.


A food expert has revealed how to tell if your meat is no longer edibleCredit: Getty

She explained how to tell that your meat is no longer edible – and it’s pretty easy.

The food security expert explained that it is a matter of “using your senses”.

Sylvia said that by looking at the color of certain raw meats, or their texture, you can tell if they’re spoiled or not.

She said Mail Online“If something goes off, it’s called food spoilage.

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“For example, when chicken goes bad, it turns green, and when meat goes bad, it gets slimy.

“It gets white specks and it gets darker. You can tell by the look and color of the food.”

Sylvia added: “If you buy fresh pork, most people with common sense can tell if there’s a rancid smell or if the color changes.”

The pro, who is one of the UK’s leading food safety experts, said it can be more difficult to determine whether cooked meat in a ready meal is still good to eat or not.

She said, “That’s more dangerous because the customer doesn’t see that.

“When it’s ready to eat, it may already be partially cooked. That means it’s cooked and cooled and the customer buys it and reheats it.

“They won’t know because they can’t smell it and eat it and then get food poisoning.

“If it’s a raw pork dish, you’ll notice it right away. But if it’s already been processed in any way and it’s something you put in the oven or reheat… have to throw up and have diarrhea.”

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