I’m A Hooters Girl – My Friends Say I Should Get A ‘Regular Job’ But I’m Having The Time Of My Life

A JOB at Hooters is anything but ordinary, but it doesn’t stop people from making their own judgments.

A Hooters waitress works hard at her job and makes very good money, but her friends keep telling her to get a “regular job”.


Leah has been at Hooters for six years, but says she’s still being judged by other peopleCredit: TikTok/leah_fennelly

For the past six years, Leah (@Leah_Fennelly) is hard at work at work and shares the experience with her 173,000 followers on TikTok.

However, the work does not come with criticism from other people, including Leah’s own friends who tell her to find another job.

“Sorry I have a flexible, fun job that bothers you,” Leah wrote with the text overlay in it one of her videos.

As she says this, she rubs her fingers together as she plays a supposedly small violin.

“I love it,” she added.

People in Leah’s comment section agreed with her.

“This is a normal job, you are a waitress,” one person wrote.

Hell no!’ someone else wrote. “Stay as long as you like and until I get to Hooters.”

A third person wrote, “Don’t bother me, I like you at Hooters.”

“Why isn’t it a real job?” one person asked.

Another viewer responded, “I think it’s the uniforms the ladies wear. I wouldn’t work at a place like Hooters myself, but that’s everyone’s decision to work there, not mine.”

Meanwhile, former Hooters waitresses share the most bizarre uniform request they’ve ever received.

Also, this Hooters girl said she makes almost $1,500 a week from tips alone – she says it’s exhausting, but so “worth it.”

However, the flexible job suits her best and she does not plan to leave anytime soon


However, the flexible job suits her best and she does not plan to leave anytime soonCredit: TikTok/leah_fennelly