I’m a super saver and here’s how to make a family-of-four dinner for just 46p each thanks to Aldi bargains

FOR THOSE looking to cut the cost of their groceries, we have something for you as a super saver has shared how to make a delicious dinner for a family of four that will cost you just 46p per serving.

The bargain hunter recently shared how he got a cheap meal using Aldi bargains, so if you’re looking to save money wherever possible, you’re going to want a quick listen.


A savvy saver shares on social media how to prepare a tasty meal for a family of four with bargains from AldiCredit: TikTok/@costoflivingcrisistips
He picked up hot dogs for 99 pence


He picked up hot dogs for 99 penceCredit: TikTok/@costoflivingcrisistips
Pasta for 41p and passata for 45p


Pasta for 41p and passata for 45pCredit: TikTok/@costoflivingcrisistips

Elliot William, who posts on social media under the username @costoflivingcrisistipsoften helpful tips and tricks to beat the cost of living crisis.

In his most recent video, posted on TikTokElliot shared how to prepare a meal for you family for less than £2.

In the clip, the bargain hunter went to Aldi to get his ingredients – taking penne pasta for 41p, tomato passata for 45p and a can of eight hot dogs in brine for 99p.

When he got home, he demonstrated how to make his cheap three-ingredient meal.

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He said, “Crush the hot dogs.

“Cook the pasta.”

Once the pasta was cooked, he continued: “Let the pasta drain.

“Add hot dogs and then the sauce. Stir.

“46p per meal.”

Elliot then poured out his money-saving meal, which cost him a total of just £1.85 for a family of four.

Elliot only shared his clip 20 hours ago, but it has clearly impressed many as it has quickly racked up a whopping 155.4,000 views.

It has 3,154 likes, 156 comments and 78 shares.

One person said, “Sometimes meals like this really are the best!!”

Another added: “Good, food is food, kids eat and aren’t hungry, fair enough.”

A third said: “Thank you so much for this. I struggle with food, but this looks great. It’s not too heavy, which is great.”

Someone else commented, “This proves it’s possible to eat on a budget.”

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Meanwhile, one food fan suggested, “This would be nice if you added some spice.”

Another foodie posted: “A little onion and grated cheese would have done the trick”, to which Elliot replied: “I bought this from Aldi and they only sell onions in packets and the cheapest cheese was 89p. I was aiming for under £ 2.

He cooked the pasta and then added the whipped hot dogs


He cooked the pasta and then added the whipped hot dogsCredit: TikTok/@costoflivingcrisistips
He served his meal and left many very impressed


He served his meal and left many very impressedCredit: TikTok/@costoflivingcrisistips