I’m a wheelchair user with an ‘apron belly’ – I’ve tried Skims’ adaptive underwear in 4XL, I’m ‘obsessed’ with the material

A FASHION influencer who uses a wheelchair has shared her thoughts on Skims adaptive underwear.

The curvy maker tried on the different looks from Kim Kardashian’s brand.

TikTok user Ashton shared her thoughts on Skims' adaptive underwear


TikTok user Ashton shared her thoughts on Skims’ adaptive underwearCredit: TikTok/radiant gold

TikTok user Ashton (@radiantlygolden) explained, “I’m an ambulatory wheelchair user, which means I can move my legs. I can walk more certain days than others.”

Ashton was inspired to try Skims’ adaptive underwear after the Candace Owens controversy, in which the author criticized the brand’s inclusive ad campaign.

“I saw that ad and I was like ‘Oh my God, I didn’t even know Skims made an adaptive rule,'” the TikToker explained in her video.

For her first look, Ashton tried the $18 adaptive Fits Everyone briefing in the color Clay.

She showed viewers the underwear before trying it on and said, “You can already see this is high cut so we’ll see what kind of coverage it has on the sides.”

Ashton pointed out the problem with I-shaped hooks on the sides of custom underwear.

“They’re like normal hooks on bras, but I find that can be a little difficult sometimes if you have arthritis in your hands or motor issues,” she explained.

The stylish influencer explained that she would show her followers the underwear while sitting in her chair and also while standing.

“Obviously everyone’s needs are different, I’m going to put a leg through it. I’ll bring it around and then we’ll hook up here,” Ashton said as she pulled on the underwear.

“So the first thing I noticed that I’m obsessed with is the material is so thin and it’s practically not there,” she told her followers.

The content creator explained that due to the high leg “there is no tone of coverage”.

Ashton continued, “I have an apron belly. It’s very stretchy, so in that respect it’s easy to put on.”

The TikTok user then stood up to show viewers the coverage from different angles.

“There could be more fabric here in my opinion. I don’t have that kind of butt, but if you have some junk lying around in the trunk, I still think it’s very stretchy. I ordered a 4X,” she said . .

In a second videoAshton tried the $18 adaptive Fits Everyone thong in the color Cielo.

“I can already say that the coverage of this will be very limited. There is very little advance coverage,” the influencer said while showing her followers the underwear.

“Here’s my apron belly, it won’t cover that. With the 4X size I went in, I think the slip clearly had better coverage,” she continued.

Ashton concluded, “Super super stretchy, see how stretchy this is? Incredibly stretchy.”

The content creator added, “I’m so grateful not only for Skims’ representation in their ad campaign, but for making some adaptive clothing in the first place.”

TikTok users took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the underwear.

“Thank God for inclusive items for you! I can’t imagine how hard it is! You are great for sharing!” wrote one viewer.

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Another follower commented, “I really like Skims here!! It’s so crazy to see a big brand do this. They’re usually smaller brands.”

“Thanks for sharing!! I love Skims underwear and I love that they make this,” said a third person.

The fashion influencer explained that she would rather have more coverage for her


The fashion influencer explained that she would rather have more coverage for her “long belly.”Credit: TikTok/radiant gold