I’m still a bodybuilder at 72, but I’m as fit as any 30-year-old – my secret is in what I eat for breakfast

WHEN it comes to age, it’s just a number for this bodybuilder, who says he’s been training every day for decades.

Xinmin Yang looks better than most 30-year-olds, which is why it comes as a shock to many when they find out that he is 72 years old.


Xinmin Yang says he looks better than people more than half his age and says all he needs is hard work and disciplineCredit: Getty

According to his doctor, he can squat over 370 pounds and has the bone density of a younger man.

Xinmin credits his physique with his strict regimen of daily exercise and following his diet plan of six to eight eggs for breakfast.

He started bodybuilding in 1984 – just a year after China lifted the ban on the sport that was introduced in the country in 1953.

In the nearly 40 years since Xinmin has been in peak condition – with normal blood pressure and normal blood lipids.

“The first thing my doctor said was ‘you don’t look a day over 60,'” Xinmin told the Chinese fitness media company Change productionin 2018.

“Over the years I have lived a healthy life thanks to bodybuilding training,” he said.

Aside from all the eggs he eats, Xinmin’s breakfast also includes “tomatoes, cucumber, oatmeal… and some chicken breast”.

“I’ve been eating like this for almost 10 years,” he said.

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Throughout his career, Xinmin has won over 100 trophies and medals and credits Arnold Schwarzenegger as his greatest inspiration.

“My body shape, muscle strength and strength are better than most young people, even though I am [into my 70s] now,” he said.

Xinmin calls exercise the most important part of his life and although becoming a champion is no longer his goal, he hopes to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Some of his secrets to his agelessness include jogging every morning followed by an hour and a half of strength training each day.

“When strength training, remember three things,” Xinmin said. “Make sure the movements are standard. Build muscle and lose fat. Try to improve your balance.”

Xinmin says self-discipline and perseverance are also key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“To maintain my health and body status at my age is only possible through the accumulation of years and years of daily workouts.”

His dedication has earned him the name “Iron Grandpa” in the online bodybuilding community.

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“Mark my words, I’m still training at 80. Let’s make it 80,” Xinmin said.

“I want to push the boundaries of the human body.”

At the age of 72, Xinmin exercises daily and eats six to eight eggs for breakfast every day


At the age of 72, Xinmin exercises daily and eats six to eight eggs for breakfast every dayCredit: Getty