Inside McDonald’s once branded ‘SAUSAGE’ in the UK with ‘cold burgers that taste like cardboard’ – it’s undergone a massive change

A MCDONALD’S, once called the UK’s “worst” with “cold” burgers that “taste like cardboard”, has undergone a major change.

The branch in Kingswinford, West Midlands has been criticized by customers in the past for poor service, poor food and “order mix ups“.


This branch of McDonald’s was once labeled the UK’s ‘worst’ but now seems to have turned it aroundCredits: Nigel Iskander
Satisfied customers said the food was tasty and reliable


Satisfied customers said the food was tasty and reliableCredits: Nigel Iskander

However, a study by The Sun Online shows a year after a review blow up the restaurant as the “worst in the UK” found out, it was all smiles from the happy customers inside.

The store’s management says they’ve turned it around and now claim it’s one of the Fast food giant’s best locations, not just in the UK but worldwide.

A 2022 fierce critic said of the branch: “Order from here and you can almost guarantee there will be missing food items.

“I have rarely received a correct order.

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“Food greasy and most orders cold. This is the rule here, not an exception.”

But now customers have spoken about how reliable the eatery is, both in terms of food and service.

A level student Luke Powell, 17, speaking to The Sun Online during his sixth grade lunch break with his friends, said: “It was all good. We went in, ordered the machine, picked up the food really quickly and it was hot .

“We come here every Thursday for a treat. We wouldn’t keep coming back if the food was bad.”

Luke’s friend Esther Buckley, 17, added: “The cheese was tasty and the staff are friendly. They are very busy but we didn’t have to wait long. I’d say they were one of the best, not one of the worst.”

Even those who are in one McDonald’s for the first time were quite impressed.

Gwyn O’Growney, 89, had come in with her son to use their facilities before attending a funeral.

She said she had never eaten at one McDonald’s but that the loos were in good condition

Gwyn explained: “The toilets were clean, they had paper and at least one working sink. There were two cubicles that seemed to be closed, but I only needed one.”

Much of the previous criticism has been directed at the drive on service which is how the branch does much of its business as it is based on an A road near an industrial estate.

Another teen, who drive on before said, “I heard they mix up the orders. One week we came, they forgot to give us the Coke we ordered, but they corrected it right away.”

Meanwhile, Brian James, 29, said he had seen some slow service when picking up food in his van, but was quick to say the staff were very apologetic and resolved the issue quickly.

He added, “McDonald’s is my go-to. They don’t let you down very often.”

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a McDonald’s spokesperson said: “Our Kingswinford restaurant team work incredibly hard to ensure that every customer who orders from a McDonald’s has a positive experience and is always willing to help.

“The restaurant strives to be a good neighbor and the team takes pride in serving their local community.”

They also praised the standard of service


They also praised the standard of serviceCredits: Nigel Iskander
Even those who experienced issues said they were resolved quickly and staff were helpful and apologetic


Even those who experienced issues said they were resolved quickly and staff were helpful and apologeticCredits: Nigel Iskander