Is Eli Grant leaving the days of our lives?

The departure of a character that is popular and highly disliked by fans is nothing new to the viewers of Days Of Our Lives.

Following the Season 57 event, another main cast member will be leaving the day of receiving an Emmy Award.


The fate of Eli Grant, played by Ramon Archey, has been questioned due to the events of the episode aired in June 2022.Credit: Getty

Is Eli Grant leaving the days of our lives?

During the drama that took place in the second half of the 57th season, it was revealed that Eli Grant also departed from the Days of Hour Lives.

Eli, drawn by Ramon Archey, and his exit from Days comes shortly after the murder confession of his wife Lani Price.

To rewind the turmoil that occurred, Lani, played by Sal Stoise, shot and killed his father, TR Coates.

Before she killed him, TR shot Eli after the discovery of the latter of the former drug possession.

Fans responded to Days Of Our Lives being dormant, and details on why were revealed.
Days of Our Lives fans were shocked when the two protagonists left the show

The incident put Eli in a coma for months, and when he awoke, he told Lani what had happened and she decided to confront TR.

By the time she confronted her father, he was already in the midst of another violent encounter between his mother Paulina and his stepfather Abe Carver.

A few months later, Lani chose to reveal her role in TR’s murder at the wedding of Paulina and Abe.

Before revealing, Eli tried to persuade Lani to allow Paulina to rap what happened to TR, but she disagreed.

The most read in our lives

The final scene in the series is during an episode scheduled to air throughout the week starting Monday, July 4th.

As the plot continued to unfold and he left friends and family in Salem, Illinois, show fans used social media to communicate their views.

A Dayz fan said on Twitter:

A second viewer tweeted: “Eli didn’t want to admit that Lani shot TR. He’s not willing to accept a life without Lani.”

Eli is a member of the Dayz Houghton family and was first featured on the show in February 2017.


Eli is a member of the Dayz Houghton family and was first featured on the show in February 2017.Credit: Getty

“If Lani’s exit is for her to be sent to jail, I’m still struggling with how and why Eli leaves before she leaves. # Days,” another said. rice field.

The episodes leading up to Eli’s departure leave the situation of her marriage to Lani ambiguous.

Who is Eli Grant?

During the 52nd season of Days Of Our Lives, Eli Grant was introduced to the show’s audience and Salem residents.

Eli is the son of the series’ regulars Valerie Grant and the late David Banning, and is also a member of the Horton family, which has received central attention.

He is also the grandson of Julie Olson Williams, the popular Houghton patriarch.

Eli and Lani got married and got married in the 55th cycle of Days.

How can I see Days?

Days Of Our Lives usually air on NBC from Monday to Friday at 1:00 pm EST.

Fans who missed the first episode of the episode can check out the series through the number of streaming options available.

Hulu and Peacock subscribers have access to the day and the season.

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The popular soap opera has been broadcast for nearly 60 years and has released over 14,000 episodes.

Originally created by Ted Cody and his wife, Betty.


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