I’ve always been ridiculed for my last name – my husband’s is no better, I’d be an ‘idiot’ to break them down

A WOMAN shared her unfortunate last name and people were shocked by the seriousness of it.

Unfortunately, her husband’s last name wasn’t much better.


Alanna, a content creator, responded to a prompt to share the worst name she’s ever heardCredit: TIKTOK/@alannapc

Alanna, @alannapc, shared the names in a video with more than her TikTok followers.

“Tell me the most unfortunate name you ever heard,” one man asked.

Alanna saw the opportunity as the perfect time for her to shine.

“This is what I was born for,” she said.

“Worst name I’ve ever heard? Try the Crummy-Dick wedding.”

She explained that her last name is Crummy and her fiancĂ©’s last name is Dick.

The two had been together for almost a decade and she assured the audience that this is a true story.

“I’m going to take his last name when we get married because no matter what, it’s a lose-lose situation for me,” she joked.

“Either I keep the surname I’ve had for the last 26 years of my life, where everyone makes fun of me, or I take his surname and continue to be fooled… or f**king hyphen,” she said. said.

Fortunately, she understood what a bad decision that would be: “I’m not an idiot, but anything for our wedding says Crummy-Dick.”

“I can’t imagine how our salespeople feel.”

People used the comments to share their thoughts: “Option 4: Come up with a name together,” one commenter suggested.

“You guys can change both surnames and just come up with a new one,” said another.

“You really should just change your last name to something new, it’s seriously 2021,” said a third.

She revealed that both she and her husband have unfortunate last names


She revealed that both she and her husband have unfortunate last namesCredit: TIKTOK/@alannapc