I’ve Tried A Lot Of Cosmetic Surgery Here’s What I Like And Hate – I Smelled Decaying Skin After A Facial But Still Rate It

IF you want to have cosmetic procedures, it’s important to do your research first.

But one beauty fan, who works in the aesthetic industry and has tried numerous treatments firsthand, ranked the cosmetic procedures she’s had it from “worth it” to “never again.”

A beauty fan ranked the procedures she's had "worth the effort" Unpleasant "never again"


A beauty fan has ranked the procedures she’s undergone from “worth it” to “never again”Credit: TikTok
The beauty whiz works in the beauty industry


The beauty whiz works in the beauty industryCredit: TikTok

The woman, known only as @da.lacystarts by discussing the PRP injections she had under her eyes.

She scored a respectable 9/10 and says, “Swelling AF for the first day, but naturally brightens and plumps under the eyes when pressed.

“Really weird feeling during the treatment.”

She then moves on to review the brow lamination and keratin lash lift.

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She rates it a whopping 100,000/10 and raves: “Obsessed with it and it and lasts at least 12 weeks. Bye mascara.”

The beauty guru goes on to say that she was also very happy with her results from lip filler with Juvederm.

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She gives it an impressive score of 20/10, explaining, “Looks great for three months and then migrates like crazy.”

However, she was not impressed with her Morpheus 8 treatment, which she gave 0/10.

“All that pain…for what? Minimal results tbh,” she says.

The next step is micro-needling with PRP/Exosomes.

The social media user gives the full grade, adding, “All day every day.

“However, you smell like you’re rotting on the first day…I’m sweating, it’s worth it.”

The beauty whiz gives cool-sculpting a measly 1/10 because it made her body proportions “really weird,” rating sunscreen, retinol, and the entire ZO bagi brand “5340029/10.”

“My skin has never been so smooth and clear,” she adds.

Elsewhere, lip filler with Restylance Kysse got a solid score of 10/10 for being “natural and feels better,” while chin filler got an 8.9/10.

“Good for a temporary solution and great for facial balancing, but a chin implant may be a better option for most,” she says.

The beauty enthusiast concludes by adding: “A reputable provider who can recommend what you need based on your goals…infinite/10. Priceless”

She captioned the post: “Life is good work in the beauty industry.”

The video has since gone viral, garnering over xx views and several comments from social media users all eager to give their verdict.

“Moving from Juvederm to Kysse was the best thing for me too. And it’s taking waaaaay longer,” wrote one.

A second quipped, “This is the rich aunt advice I’ve been looking for.”

A third wrote, “As an aesthetic provider, 1010 agrees with this entire list.”

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Meanwhile, a fourth commented, “Cool sculpting is the worst. Two years later, I’m still battling the bad result.”

Another added: “Thanks for your honesty – this is so helpful!”

The social media user said that the lip filler with Juvederm looked good for three months


The social media user said that the lip filler with Juvederm looked good for three monthsCredit: TikTok
The beauty guru was not impressed with Morpheus 8


The beauty guru was not impressed with Morpheus 8Credit: TikTok