Khloe Kardashian tells Kanye West to ‘stop taking down Kimberly’ online


the Kardashians has asked Kanye West to “stop taking down Kimberly” after the American rapper launched a series of online attacks on her sister.

Reply to a message from West at Instagramthe reality star, 38, said she hadn’t wanted to call him on social media but her family was “tired” by his behavior.

West recently returned to Instagram, accusing his former partner in a series of sporadic posts Kim Kardashian restrict access to their children.

The musician has previously made complaints online that he is not allowed to make important parenting decisions and has been banned from birthday parties and other events for their children – which Kim said caused her “emotional distress”.

Commenting on the rapper’s post, Khloe wrote: “Yes, I love you. I don’t want to do this on social media, but YOU keep bringing it here.

“You are the father of my nieces and nephews and I try to be respectful, but please STOP taking Kimberly down and using our family if you want to deviate.

“Enough already. We all know the truth and in my opinion everyone is tired of it.

“Please leave her and the family out of it so the children can be raised peacefully.”

Khloe added that her response came from “a place of love” and she was happy to continue the conversation “private if you wish”.

West later posted a screenshot of the comment on his own page, calling the Kardashians “liars” and reiterating his claims that he had been banned from his daughter’s birthday party.

West recently sparked even more controversy over a T-shirt he wore to his show at Paris Fashion Week, which read “white lives matter.”