London British Transport police officer fired for unwanted sexual advances against colleagues


British Transport Police (BTP) officer was fired for making unwanted sexual advances towards female colleagues.

PC Shasanga Rana, based in Londonwas fired without notice after a March 27-29 misconduct hearing.

It was alleged that Officer Rana touched another officer three times without her consent, massaging her shoulders, stroking her arm and touching her leg.

He was also charged with making comments about her weight and sending inappropriate messages to a second officer via Instagram, one of which referred to a sexual act.

The independent panel ruled that his actions amounted to gross misconduct and he has been dismissed from the police force with immediate effect.

The panel said the conduct violated the two officers’ dignity and constituted unwanted sexual advances, and they believed that PC Rana’s actions were deliberate and purposeful.

Detective Superintendent Pete Fulton, head of BTP’s Professional Standards Department, said: “Shasanga Rana exhibited a very worrying pattern of behavior that is fundamentally inconsistent with our BTP values.

“He inappropriately touched one officer and sent disgusting messages of a sexual nature to another. Fortunately, they came up with convincing evidence and he was rightly fired from BTP.

“I fully support the panel’s decision in this matter and I am pleased that Shasanga Rana is no longer part of our force.”