Major General Matthew Holmes committed suicide after experiencing “substantial stress.”

Major General Matthew Holmes died by suicide after experiencing “substantial stress”An inquest into his death has been completed.

The former head of the Royal Marines was found dead at age 54 in a bedroom at his home in Winchester on October 2, 2021.

The inquest found that Major General Holmes had lost his position as leader of the Royal Marines in a management restructuring in the months before his death.

He also faced the collapse of his marriage and was left “angry” about the UK’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

During the inquest, Major General Holmes’ widow, Lea, gave evidence. She said Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Jerry Kydd told her Major General Holmes agrees to the restructuringin which he would lose his role or resign.

“He was told he had to sign or agree to resign,” she said, adding that her husband found the experience “hugely humiliating.”

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