Mario movie will feature notoriously bad DK Rap, Seth Rogen confirms

Maybe don’t expect the coconut cannon (Photo: Nintendo/Illumination)

While Chris Pratt teases a post-credits scene, Seth Rogen reveals that the delightfully awful DK Rap will appear in the SuperMario Bro movie.

While it is received much criticism of the castingIllumination’s Super Mario Bros. movie has been praised in other areas, particularly for the amount of fan service it will contain.

The trailers alone are packed fun references, easter eggs and nods to the entire history of the Mario franchise, including the Donkey Kong side of things.

As it turns out, this extends to the infamous DK Rap from 1999’s Donkey Kong 64, which has been confirmed to appear in the movie.

Confirmed by Donkey Kong’s voice, Seth Rogen himself, the song will play during DK’s introductory scene.

This is from a promotional video of Rogen reacting to the DK Rap, which he unashamedly calls “one of the worst rap songs of all time.”

It’s a little weird to hear Rogen dunking on something meant to promote the movie, but he’s not wrong either. It reached its iconic status because it’s bad, not in spite of it, and ironically remains a beloved fan favorite.

Don’t feel too bad for the rap’s creator, Grant Kirkhope, either. Even he admits that the song isn’t any good, but he’s undeniably excited to know it’s going to be featured in the movie.

“If you told me back in ’97, when I wrote the worst rap song in the history of rap songs, that it was going to be in a Mario Bros. movie, I’d be bursting with excitement! Long live the DK Rap!’ he tweets.

The full version probably won’t be included as only the first verse is about DK, with the rest highlighting the other playable characters in Donkey Kong 64. One of those characters – Diddy Kong – has already been spotted in the trailers, and we wouldn’t be shocked if Tiny, Lanky, and Chunky all flash and you’ll miss the cameo too.

Elsewhere, Mario voice actor Chris Pratt has confirmed there will be a post-credits scene to set up a potential sequel, though this was practically a given.

When asked about a sequel by CBR, Pratt says, “Listen, there’s something like, at the end of the movie, there’s a post-credits sequence that gives you a taste of what the sequel could be about.” And that makes me very, very excited.’

There are a few obvious guesses about what the post-credit tease might be, with the trailers seeming to suggest that Rosalina is part of the movie universe. There’s also no sign of Wario or Waluigi yet, who will no doubt show up if the movie gets a sequel or two.

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