McDonald’s April Fool’s Day prank sparks fury and leaves Australians furious | World | News

McDonald’s latest April Fool’s Day prank sparked anger from several Australians who claimed the fast food chain went too far this year. The Australian burger chain announced a fresh menu featuring McFry on April 1.

The addition to the menu created a lot of enthusiasm among the fans.

The convincing photo showed a beef burger with fries stuffed inside, so you don’t have to do that yourself.

The post on the brand Instagram page read: “The ultimate Mac hack is now made to order as we take the classic Quarter Pounder and stack it with Australia’s favorite fries.

“No mess. No hassle. No worries.

“We made it so you don’t have to! Get your hands on the McFry today.

The fast food chain went a step further and even teamed up with a well-known Melbourne food blogger, Ange Eats, who could be seen eating the new burger.

He claimed: “The well-known hack we all know and love has just hit the menu at McDonald’s in Australia.

“Fries in, we’ve got beef, cheese, onions, pickles, tomato sauce. It looks mega.”

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Fans loved the idea and many were extremely disappointed to learn they couldn’t order one from their local branch.

Some even went so far as to beg McDonald’s to actually make amends for the anger.

“I would really eat these Maccas, don’t play with me,” one frustrated Aussie wrote, while another furiously added, “This looks really good.”

Someone else said, “This isn’t even a funny joke because that’s what we all want. Been doing it yourself for years.”

This isn’t the first time McDonald’s has left people furious.

The hamburger giant caused a sensation in 2019 with the McPickle.

The fake two-layer burger was stuffed with pickles and topped with cheese and tomato sauce — but it wasn’t real either, and people were left furious, commenting on their Instagram: “Omfg if this is an April Fool’s joke I’m going crazy.”