Most of you have at least some interest in Pixel Pass

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

google’s Pixel pass has been available for a while, allowing US consumers to grab a Pixel phone and several other services for a monthly fee. It will indeed save you some money in the long run, although we found that Google made it difficult for you to sign up if you’re already using their services.

To be android authority readers actually interested in Pixel Pass? That’s exactly the question we asked in our opinion piece during the weekend. This is how you answered this poll.

Are you interested in Pixel Pass?


Just over 950 votes were cast in this poll, and it turned out that the most popular option was “maybe, I’m considering it,” with 44.9% of the vote. That suggests people are intrigued by Pixel Pass, but the comments from readers do indeed match our own C Scott Brown when it comes to the difficult signup process.

In saying this, the second most popular option was “no, I’m not interested in Pixel Pass,” accounting for a significant 33% of the vote. The top three were rounded off with “yes, I want to sign up soon”, with 14.51% of the vote.

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Finally, 7.57% of respondents said they have already signed up for Pixel Pass. It makes sense that we would see a small number of people signing up as it is limited to the US and the Pixel line’s market share is quite small in this region. Nevertheless, the poll shows that two-thirds of respondents were interested in Pixel Pass or said they already had it.


  • Kenneth McConkie: I almost considered this for my current phone, but I have a YouTube Premium Family subscription and I’m not willing to kick my friends and family off it. They MUST support family plans. Even if I had to cancel and re-join, it would be good if I could choose a family plan. The 200GB Google One plan would be an upgrade to my current 100GB plan. And the Play Pass would be cool too. I’m going to upgrade to the Pixel 7 Pro when it comes out. If it supports a YouTube family sub by then, I’ll get the Pixel Pass.
  • Joseph Hicks: I wanted to sign up for this when I bought a Pixel 6 Pro, but I’m a longtime Google Apps user. refused. Along with a plethora of other features and services in the Google ecosystem…
  • Brandon: Canceling my existing YouTube bounty was the biggest pain. Not only am I now paying more for it than I originally was with my old plan, but because I had to wait for them to ship my phone, I had no premium at all for 2 months.
  • KaiVallon: I got the pass so I could upgrade my pixel 2 xl, I also hated signing up and was very nervous about canceling all my subscriptions before starting new ones. Also, my partner and I share a Spotify family subscription, but as I couldn’t arrange for us to both use YouTube music, we still use Spotify.
  • Brooks: I recently upgraded from a pixel 4xl to a 6 pro and chose pixelpass at checkout. After taking a short detour to cancel YouTube premium, which took about 3 minutes, I was good to go. I received a confirmation email within 10 minutes to let me know that the Play Pass and YouTube have been activated. Two days later I got the phone. I see the problem if you have a family plan, but I found the process quite simple and not clunky.
  • Pat H. Otto: I signed up for Pixel Pass and my problem was with Synchrony. They simply didn’t know how to bill me, so my monthly bill was $45 + tax. After many conversations with them and with Google I gave up. After 6 months I canceled and kept the phone. My husband, who signed up through Fi, has had no issues.