Nature and animal documentaries on OTT similar to All That Breathes

Nature and animal documentaries on OTT similar to everything that breathes

All That Breathes, an Oscar-nominated documentary by Shaunak Sen, has quickly made waves from Cannes to Los Angeles. Based on the lives of two brothers who have devoted their lives to saving black fliers, it’s a story of unwavering courage and unparalleled humanity.

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We have exciting movies on related topics if you love animals and want to see them OTT.

Everything that breathes

The hour and a half documentary follows the selfless, tenacious and group efforts of two brothers, Mohammad Saud and Nadeem Shehzad, and their cousin, Salik Rehman, who rescue and care for black kites and other birds in Wazirabad, Delhi.

Over the past 20 years, they reportedly treated more than 20,000 birds, gradually receiving funding from both domestic and foreign sources.

Dancing with the birds

Who doesn’t love to admire the sky and how it looks picture perfect when a huge flock of birds is in charge of it? The 51-minute documentary Dancing With the Birds, directed by Emmy-nominated filmmaker and producer Huw Cordey, premiered on Netflix in October 2019. Stephen Fry was the host, director and writer of the documentary. It puts a lot of emphasis on the mating behavior of various exotic birds.

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David Attenborough: A life on our planet

David Attenborough, a biologist and natural historian, narrates the Netflix documentary, which follows the viewer through various stages of his work and career, highlighting how the Earth has changed and evolved over the decades.

In addition, it goes into detail about how the Earth could continue to deteriorate and the swift actions that can prevent it from happening. The documentary can be seen on Netflix.

Wonders of nature

Miracles of Nature, a hidden gem available on Amazon Prime Video, allows you to “discover a variety of global natural wonders, landmarks and landscapes. Glaciers, volcanoes, cave networks, jungles, mountain ranges and other spectacular landscapes are all included in the book.”

There are two seasons with 13 episodes each (each episode is about 30 minutes), available on the streaming service with a subscription.

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America the fair

Michael B. Jordan is the narrator of America the Beautiful, available on Disney+ Hotstar.

According to IMDb, “Our perception of America’s amazing natural beauty and abundant wildlife is erroneous. Due to its unusual geology, the forces of nature are pushed to their limits, changing the landscape and creating new difficulties for living.” Six episodes make up the first season, which will debut in 2022.