Police chase man with swastika bracelet during graduation parade

A man who wore a hoodie with a swastika strap during a graduation parade in Dunedin has been warned of offensive behavior by police.

Constable Nick Turner, of Dunedin, said police received reports that the man was wearing the swastika bracelet at the intersection of Frederick and Great King St, where crowds began to gather for the Otago Polytechnic graduation parade around 11 a.m.

When the man was approached by police, he fled toward the university campus, Const Turner said.

Officers chased him and he was arrested about 300 meters away.

The man was wearing a hoodie, affiliated with the bastard gang, which wore a swastika bracelet. However, he was not a member of the gang, Const Turner said.

The man told police he was wearing it out of respect for a deceased friend.

The man is known to the police. Const Turner said he also filmed himself on Wednesday wearing the same item of clothing at the George St . mall

The man told police he didn’t know he had been offended and turned the hoodie inside out when officers said it was inappropriate.

He was given a warning for abusive behavior, Const Turner said.

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