Prince Harry ‘goes nuclear’ with royals after arriving in London for showdown | Royal | News

is accused of going “nuclear” on the as he wants to bring down both the company and the media with his appearance in court. The prince is one of several celebrities who have filed a claim against the publisher Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL) for invasion of privacy, a claim that ANL denies, but Harry has also claimed that his family “withheld information” from him about the hacking phones. out by the press.

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Harry flew in from California and did just that appeared in court during three of the four days of the hearing in support of the cause, despite not having to appear in person.

In his testimony, the prince wrote about the “Institution” withhold information from him about the possibility that he will take legal action against those who allegedly violated his privacy.

He said: “The institution made it clear that we didn’t need to know about phone hacking and it was made clear to me that the royal family was not on the witness stand because that could open a can of worms.”

Royal commentator Daniela Elser wrote in that while Harry had every right to continue his cause if his claims prove true, there was no need for him to go “nuclear” on his business.

The decision on whether the ANL case will go to trial is not expected to be known for another few weeks, but if it does, it will likely be a lengthy process.

It is not believed Harry spent any time with his father and older brother while in the UK, although Charles already had a packed schedule when he and the Queen Consort flew to Berlin on Wednesday for their first state visit as monarchs.

He was also due to be in France early this week, but this trip had to be postponed due to violent protests over pension reforms in the country.

The Prince of Wales is thought to be in Norfolk to spend quality time with his family over the Easter holidays before preparing for the coronation.

Prince Harry And Megan Markle have been invited to the coronation, but have not confirmed whether they will attend.

Tensions between the Sussexes and the Firm are still running high, but Charles is keen for both his sons to be in Westminster Abbey for the historic event.

Harry and Meghan have been known to return to the UK for major royal events such as the Platinum Anniversary and Queen Elizabeth’s state funeral.

However, if they do show up, they will probably stay in the background and play no official role.