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Princess Eugenie dumps plastic

While attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Princess Eugenie revealed how she teaches her son August climate change.

To contribute to helping the environment, the daughter of Prince Andrew told Reuters That she dumped all plastic products.

She said: “My son will be an activist from two years old, and that’s in a few days. So he, everything is for them.

“I spoke to Peter Thomson, the UN Special Envoy for the Oceans and all he says to me is that I am doing this for my grandchildren. And that’s the same.

“Every decision we make now has to be for or August, what he will be able to see and do and how he will live his life.

“But I also think as a mother, you suddenly change, completely, your hormones change, everything changes. Like now I’m afraid of flying and things like that and I never would be before.

“We don’t have plastic at home, we try not to have plastic as much as possible and I try to teach him that. But it’s a struggle.”