Prince Harry warned lawyers ‘will go for the gut’ if cross-examined | Royal | News

a Royal expert has warned lawyers would “go for the gut” if was heard in the High Court over claims against the Mail on Sunday. Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief at Majesty Magazine, told The Royal Beat: “Can you see Harry being tried in the Supreme Court? I think he would find that extremely difficult… because they really go for the gut.”

Former King Charles press secretary Dickie Arbiter added “Harry is very good at reading scripts … is he good at ad-libbing? I guess I probably don’t think”.

Harry made an unexpected trip to London this week for a High Court hearing against Associated Newspapers Limited, against whom Harry and other celebrities have brought a case against them for privacy violations.

Despite visiting the UK, it has been reported that Harry will not meet his father, King Charles or brother prince william after a series of claims in his recent memoirs, Reserve.

He said: “No doubt the institution has been withholding information from me about NGN’s hacking of the phone for a long time.

“That has only become apparent in recent years as I have pursued my own claim with other legal advice and representation.”

The publisher denies all claims against them.