Princess of Wales climbs tree in new family photo to celebrate Mother’s Day

But the images of the princess and her smiling children, captured by royal family and environmental photographer Matt Porteous, show the benefits of living outdoors.

The Princess has a particular interest in young children, emphasizing the importance of physical, emotional and cognitive development during the first five years of a child’s life. Earlier this year, she launched the Shaping Us campaign about the impact this crucial period can have on adulthood.

Last week, the Princess enjoyed a pint of Guinness with the Prince of Wales and the Irish Guards during their St. Patrick’s Day parade.

The royal couple were toasted by the soldiers during a visit to Mons Barracks in Aldershot for the Irish holiday, which marked the informal handover to the princess as the new colonel of the guardsmen.

The Princess of Wales was photographed petting the Irish Guards mascot Irish Wolfhound named Seamus.

The late Queen was also commemorated by the King on the first Mother’s Day since her death.

A poignant message in honor of all mothers was posted online alongside cherished images showing Charles as a radiant baby perched on the Queen’s lap, while a grown-up Camilla smiles behind her elderly mother.

The Tweet can be read below.